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How Do You Spell Numbnut?

How do you “Numbnut“? Er “numnah”? If I were in charge of the Spelling Bee 2008, I’d put words like that in there… just to see the reaction. Your word is “asshat”.

Rebreaking The Web

It’s happening again. Once upon a time, browser vendors started adding their own features without consulting with each other and agreeing upon standards. What they created was a giant mess of inconsistencies across browsers and platforms that is still in effect today. Ask any web developer and they can tell you of the pains that […]


From Urban Dictionary via Fake Steve: Vistaster n. a giant cluster-fuck; a colossal mistake; a turning point, inflection point, or event that, in retrospect, turns out to have led to the doom and demise of a once-powerful company, person or organization. DERIVATIVES: vistastrous. adj. visastrously. adv. “Have you seen Speed Racer? It’s a total vistaster.” […]

Download Day 2008 For A World Record

For those who haven’t heard, when Firefox 3 is released, the first 24 hours will be known as “Download Day 2008“. The goal is to set a world record for downloads over a 24 hour period in Guinness World Records. There’s no current record, so that means the one set needs to be high enough […]

Portable Firefox

[Via: I Can Has Cheezburger]

The Smartest Browser

IQ League has a short IQ test and correlates the data to server logs. Clearly smart people use standards based browsers. Firefox users are pretty smart. But you already knew that. [Hat tip: Slashdot]

Cable Modem Power Level Graphing

As I hinted last week, I graph a fair amount of data, since I find it pretty handy at times, not to mention just interesting to see in a pretty graph form. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s served me well. One thing I really wanted to get going was monitoring the cable […]

Mac Running Firefox 2 At NASA

Asa’s got a blog post about Firefox 2 being used at NASA for the Mars Phoenix Lander. Bonus: on a Mac. When you’ve got to visit foreign worlds, and demand the best, Firefox and Mac OS X deliver.

Evil Laughing Baby

The laughing baby has become evil.

A Shipload Of iPhones who compiles the trade data from U.S. Customs records and provides access to continuously updated database of records on every shipment entering the United States. Did a little digging and found some interesting shipments with Apple’s name on it that came in on the NYK Delphinus: Apple Inc’s most recent shipment of the new […]