A Shipload Of iPhones who compiles the trade data from U.S. Customs records and provides access to continuously updated database of records on every shipment entering the United States. Did a little digging and found some interesting shipments with Apple’s name on it that came in on the NYK Delphinus:

Apple Inc’s most recent shipment of the new products, Bill of Lading # HLCUSHA0803FTFR8, arrived at the port of New York on the Vessel NYK Delphinus on May 17th. That shipment contained 504 cartons, weighing 7140 kg, of the vaguely described “electric computer.?

Where Quanta sent all previous shipments to Apple—including 828 ocean containers of “desktop computers? since March—through a subsidiary, the new products were exported in Quanta’s own name. The change may reflect heightened secrecy surrounding the new products.

Sounds like the iPhone is already in the country, likely under armed guards until it’s release on June 9th at 10:00 AM PST (already on my calendar).