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Download Day 2008 For A World Record

For those who haven’t heard, when Firefox 3 is released, the first 24 hours will be known as “Download Day 2008“. The goal is to set a world record for downloads over a 24 hour period in Guinness World Records. There’s no current record, so that means the one set needs to be high enough […]

25,000,000 Downloads Later

Well 25 million downloads later. That’s one hell of an impressive number. And it’s a growing number. Blake just posted information on a silver collectors coin (limited edition) for those who made it possible (well the top few, there’s so many now). There’s also a sale over at the Mozilla Store. Perhaps it’s time I […]

Consensual Downloads

I’m a little concerned by some linkage brought by Mozillazine. Two possible uses here, one inferred is not so good. I’m a bit concerned about this idea being spread around the community. We do NOT want to download Open Source products behind the users back. Doing so would not be a good idea. It will […]