Download Day 2008 For A World Record

For those who haven’t heard, when Firefox 3 is released, the first 24 hours will be known as “Download Day 2008“. The goal is to set a world record for downloads over a 24 hour period in Guinness World Records. There’s no current record, so that means the one set needs to be high enough to entice Apple to use Software Updater and try to beat Firefox (joking).

More details can also be found on The Mozilla Blog post.

Now is great time to pledge, and encourage others to do so. 24 hours is a pretty small window, so being ready to go is a big advantage in setting a high download count. Spread the word now so this goes smoothly with as many participants as possible. Don’t wait until download day.

4 replies on “Download Day 2008 For A World Record”

Can you please pass this on to whoever needs to see it.
The Download Day team need to make the global users aware of the 24 hr period specific to their time zone i.e. we don’t want folk in New Zealand or Australia to download too early and we don’t want the Hawaiians to download too late.

How can you set a world record for a record that doesn’t even exist or can’t even verify how many software downloads that a XP or Vista update requires. I hope Guiness doesn’t recognize cheap stunts like this.

Still, I do recommend getting Firefox.

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