From Urban Dictionary via Fake Steve:

Vistaster n. a giant cluster-fuck; a colossal mistake; a turning point, inflection point, or event that, in retrospect, turns out to have led to the doom and demise of a once-powerful company, person or organization.

vistastrous. adj.
visastrously. adv.
“Have you seen Speed Racer? It’s a total vistaster.”

I think it’s about time to start using this term, so that hopefully it goes mainstream and becomes a new word.

On a related note, Festivus still isn’t in Websters Dictionary. It’s not in Thunderbird’s spell check either. That’s another word I’m lobbying for.

Fake Steve Revealed

What do Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and just about anyone in tech have in common besides using computers? They all read The Secret Diary of [Fake] Steve Jobs. Fake Steve has been a cult icon the tech community, especially bloggers within the tech community. There has been an ongoing search for who the mystery blogger is. Fake Steve hinted last night that something was happening today, and it couldn’t be Apple related since it’s Sunday not Tuesday.

The New York Times revealed it’s Daniel Lyons of His personal blog is less humorous but still pretty interesting (there’s another feed to keep tabs on).

Thankfully, since we all knew he was a fake, even though we now know who he really is, it will still be entertaining. And yes, Fake Steve does intend to continue but notes will be a new sponsor. He’s got a book coming out too. After this publicity I’m guessing it will do very well.

[Hat tip: Photo Matt]