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The One With The Guy Obsessed With Friends

This guy might be more than a little obsessed. I must admit his attention to detail is amazing though.

Snake Prank

This is slightly mean. This guy got a good scare from what looks like a rubber snake on a string.

Trust Exercise Fail

I know I shouldn’t laugh at children, but this is pretty innocent and funny.

Invisible Driver Prank

I love this prank. The execution was perfect, and the reactions are just awesome.

Petition To Build Death Star To Get White House Response

The internet has succeeded in getting 25,000 signatures in the petition to build a Death Star. By practice the White House must now respond to the petition. I am very much amused. It’s worth noting some Debbie Downer figured out it would cost $852,000,000,000,000,000 in steel alone to build. I for one look forward to […]

How Not To Kill A Spider

If you ever had the idea of using brass knuckles to kill a spider, watch this video and learn a lesson.

Hot Dog With Toothpaste

I’m pretty sure this is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen on the internet, and we all know I’ve seen pretty much every sick meme to ever cross the internet.

College Professor’s Entertaining Lecture

This college professor knows how to make class entertaining. This was well done and well executed. Clearly some time was spent on perfecting this. Timing is spot on.

Guy Jumps In Frozen Pool

This might be my new favorite video on the internet. You knew someone at some point in your life who did something like this. Every time I watch it, I laugh harder than the time before.

SNL On iPhone 5 Complaints

Saturday Night Live had a great little sketch on the iPhone 5. They hyphenated CNet, but we’ll let that one slide.