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2 Hamsters 1 Wheel

This video could be an analogy for many things in life. Bookmark and use as needed. Via Alex King

Great Programming Book Review

I’m pretty sure this is just a jokeā€¦ Via: @LeeCash

Enterprise CSS/JS/HTML

Here’s a fantastic trilogy of websites: Enterprise HTML / JS / CSS. What makes them so brilliant is that they are actually 100% true. I spent a summer cleaning up just this type of stuff. It’s true, it’s out there, it’s painful.

Unnecessary How To Articles

wikiHow is an interesting site with some pretty informative pages. However it also has some things that are just outright amusing, questionable, or potentially capable of giving you a nosebleed if you try to read them. I’ve went through many of them and found some of the hidden gems. Here are some of my favorites […]

xkcd: Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Todays xkcd comic was even funnier than normal: [From xkcd]

Firefox Deletes Printers

The Daily WTF has a great post on Firefox Deleting Printers. Be aware of that bug. I checked bugzilla, and don’t think it’s been fixed for Firefox 3. Note: For those who aren’t familiar with The Daily WTF, it’s not a real bug, just a fool who thinks it’s there.

Firefox Crash


Evil Laughing Baby

The laughing baby has become evil.

Self Serving Sausage Fest?

Does that title accurately describe open source? Via Valleywag I found this blog post from Psychology Today which I’d recommend reading. This is really the most interesting part: First, there’s street cred: People want to garner approval from their peers and build their reputation. Second, there’s self-actualization: Working on these projects is enjoyable in and […]

Chimpanzee On A Skateboard

Can he be any cooler? I think not. Click the thumbnail for the video. On a sidenote: I may have to put together a category on this blog for just linking to the best monkey content on the web. Could be fun.