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The One With The Guy Obsessed With Friends

This guy might be more than a little obsessed. I must admit his attention to detail is amazing though.

Thunderbird F-16 Selfie

The view from inside one of the AF Thunderbird’s F-16’s. The thing that stands out in my mind the most is the Plexiglas canopy provides one hell of a panoramic view. Not sure if you even realize that with the helmet however.

Snake Prank

This is slightly mean. This guy got a good scare from what looks like a rubber snake on a string.

Trust Exercise Fail

I know I shouldn’t laugh at children, but this is pretty innocent and funny.

Invisible Driver Prank

I love this prank. The execution was perfect, and the reactions are just awesome.

World’s Scariest Job

I’ve seen this video a few times over the past few years. Each time I’m fixated on it. I find working a ladder changing a few lighting fixtures to be pain in the butt. This is nuts to me. Worth noting no safety lines when climbing.

23 And 1/2 Hours

This is a pretty interesting presentation on the health benefits of being active. It doesn’t take much to get the benefits. Interestingly my non-city working friends have always looked down upon my 10 minute walk to and from the office like it’s a burden (when they drive right up to their office). Ends up that’s […]

How Not To Kill A Spider

If you ever had the idea of using brass knuckles to kill a spider, watch this video and learn a lesson.

Salvador Dalí Explains His Famous Mustache

Even if you were never curious about Salvador Dalí’s mustache, it’s still interesting to know about it from the man himself. I had no idea this video existed until today. The Name’s The Same is apparently a game show that aired between 1951 – 1955 on ABC. Via: Open Culture

Tesla Coil Performers

This is a really cool performance, and uses a Tesla Coil. It’s a great performance to put on at night.