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Chrome Enables Do-Not-Track

Chrome finally added Do-Not-Track (DNT) to Chromium. They are the last major browser to complete implementation and start giving users a choice in terms of their preference to tracking.

DNT isn’t a perfect solution as it has no enforcement. Regardless it’s a step in the right direction and empowers ad networks to respect users privacy preferences, something that in the past was difficult even for those willing to do so. It won’t solve the problem, but it helps and has a low barrier to entry. That’s a good thing.


Kindle Fire HD Is Ad Supported

PCMag quotes an Amazon spokesperson:

“[W]ith Kindle Fire HD there will be a special offers opt-out option for $15. We know from our Kindle reader line that customers love our special offers and very few people choose to opt out. We’re happy to offer customers the choice.”

Apple may have a reputation for gouging customers on things like $19 cables, but $15 to turn off ads on a new $499 device is a little absurd. Not to mention just outright tacky.

You’d think Amazon would want to make their higher end devices viewed as polished and having a great experience to compete with the iPad. If price was the deciding factor the iPad would have already lost out to the plethora of Android tablets out there. The reason it hasn’t is because the experience on Android tablets is miserable.


1984 Macintosh Ad

1984 Macintosh Ad

Looking back at the 1984 Macintosh “Introduction” ads, it’s almost hard to believe they are by Apple when you consider how complicated the layout is and how wordy they are. Especially when you realize Steve Jobs was in charge back then. It even mentions the polyphonic sound generator and RS232 and RS422 ports. These days Apple doesn’t even officially state how much memory is in an iPad. It sure was a different time.

Photo A Day 2011

Project 365 Week 46


Crazy Ones

The Crazy Ones

This Steve Jobs narration of “Crazy Ones” ad is pretty awesome. The aired version was voiced by Richard Dreyfuss.

What would it take to convince Apple to air this with a simple slate at the end with an Apple logo and “Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011” at the end? Getting Jonathan Mak’s Steve Jobs Logo Tribute would be even better. I now there are a few Apple employees reading this blog. Dare I suggest we make this idea viral enough to get the attention of Tim Cook?

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Indented Leg Advertising

Advertising Imprint On Womans Legs

An ad agency put down “indented plates” on benches so when “people” (I assume “women” is the intended word) sit down, the plate leaves an advertisement impression on the back of their legs.

Clever, a little creepy, but most of all, I can’t imagine this working nearly as well as the picture shows. First of all people move, so I doubt the impression is that clear. I also doubt that they are anywhere as centered as the picture shows. It’s a bench, not a seat so people aren’t necessarily centered over the plate correctly. Nor are all legs the same width. I also suspect most people who sit on it look anything like the picture. Also, some wear pants.

[Hat Tip: Consumerist]

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Microsoft’s “Really” Ad

Microsoft "Really" Ad - Urinal

I really like this ad. Over the past 3 years or so this is what America has become.

Truthfully, I try not to use my phone when walking, talking, using the bathroom, at the table or other situations where it just seems grossly inappropriate. I think I’m one of the last holdouts. Given my inclination to prefer gadgets to social norms, this shows how far it’s gone.

Given this behavior skews even younger than me, I fear the worst is ahead of us.

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Victoria Secret – You Like This

Victoria Secret "Like" Limited EditionI couldn’t resist posting this one. Apparently Victoria Secret has a free “limited edition” (with store purchase of course) panty with “you like this” printed on the back with a thumbs up, an obvious homage to Facebook.

Countdown to sexual harassment for unwanted “clicking” or “liking”? I’m sure some genius will get into trouble for that.

We could of course get into a debate over if it’s objectifying women, or just make jokes about how it’s “social” and “viral”. The parallels to privacy debate, etc. But as Sigmund Freud allegedly said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”1.

Before someone email’s me: yes, I posted the image and yes you can click for a full-sized one (you’re welcome). For the person who questions my judgment: It’s really no more mature than anything you’d see at a pool or beach. Grow up. For the person who is guaranteed to email asking where the original coupon is: you can find it here or here. Lastly, no, this isn’t the first time a butt has graced this blog, it’s the second time just this year.

[Hat Tip: Center Networks]

1. It’s attributed to him, but there’s no evidence he actually said it as far as I’m aware.


Talk To The Moose Parody

This video requires a little explanation for overseas readers. GAP ran a commercial titled “Talk To The Moose” in the US during the 2009 holiday season that was notable for featuring several young girls dancing and singing what became an Earworm for some people thanks to a fair amount of air time.

I’m not sure if the cute factor or the Earworm was the marketing approach.

The side effect of a commercial being memorable for any reason is that these days we get parodies thanks to the Internet! I’m pretty sure this one was filmed with alcohol nearby, but perhaps that’s what makes it so great. The painful looking flip is what puts it over the top. I’ve got a few side-by-sides because despite being so poor (in a funny way), it’s actually a surprisingly pretty good parody.

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It’s Like False Advertising For Your Butt

Booty Pop

I rarely get into advertising or underwear on this blog but I had to share this one. It’s like a Miracle Bra… but for your butt.

I wonder if this booty POP trend will stick, or die quickly. I also wonder if it makes that popping sound when you put it on.