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Macintosh SE ROM Easter Egg

NYC Register did some interesting digging into the Macintosh SE’s ROM to find an Easter Egg. This particular one is the photo of some team members. It’s actually quite interesting that they had enough extra space on the ROM to do that. You’d think for cost reasons they’d go with as little as they could […]

1984 Macintosh Ad

Looking back at the 1984 Macintosh “Introduction” ads, it’s almost hard to believe they are by Apple when you consider how complicated the layout is and how wordy they are. Especially when you realize Steve Jobs was in charge back then. It even mentions the polyphonic sound generator and RS232 and RS422 ports. These days […]

Happy 25 Mac

It all started January 24, 1984. Not long thereafter a PC pundit would insist every year that Apple would go out of business. 25 years later Apple is still around. Enjoy the 1984 Macintosh launch presentation. That’s when Steve Jobs “reality distortion field” was a mere toddler (the term was coined in 1981 by Bud […]

Mac Sales Up 33%

Apple Third Quarter Results: Apple shipped 1,764,000 Macintosh┬« computers, representing 33 percent growth over the year-ago quarter and exceeding the previous company record for quarterly Mac┬« shipments by over 150,000. The Company also sold 9,815,000 iPods during the quarter, representing 21 percent growth over the year-ago quarter. Now who is saying the Mac is dead […]