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Victoria Secret – You Like This

Victoria Secret "Like" Limited EditionI couldn’t resist posting this one. Apparently Victoria Secret has a free “limited edition” (with store purchase of course) panty with “you like this” printed on the back with a thumbs up, an obvious homage to Facebook.

Countdown to sexual harassment for unwanted “clicking” or “liking”? I’m sure some genius will get into trouble for that.

We could of course get into a debate over if it’s objectifying women, or just make jokes about how it’s “social” and “viral”. The parallels to privacy debate, etc. But as Sigmund Freud allegedly said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”1.

Before someone email’s me: yes, I posted the image and yes you can click for a full-sized one (you’re welcome). For the person who questions my judgment: It’s really no more mature than anything you’d see at a pool or beach. Grow up. For the person who is guaranteed to email asking where the original coupon is: you can find it here or here. Lastly, no, this isn’t the first time a butt has graced this blog, it’s the second time just this year.

[Hat Tip: Center Networks]

1. It’s attributed to him, but there’s no evidence he actually said it as far as I’m aware.

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It’s Like False Advertising For Your Butt

Booty Pop

I rarely get into advertising or underwear on this blog but I had to share this one. It’s like a Miracle Bra… but for your butt.

I wonder if this booty POP trend will stick, or die quickly. I also wonder if it makes that popping sound when you put it on.