Talk To The Moose Parody

This video requires a little explanation for overseas readers. GAP ran a commercial titled “Talk To The Moose” in the US during the 2009 holiday season that was notable for featuring several young girls dancing and singing what became an Earworm for some people thanks to a fair amount of air time.

I’m not sure if the cute factor or the Earworm was the marketing approach.

The side effect of a commercial being memorable for any reason is that these days we get parodies thanks to the Internet! I’m pretty sure this one was filmed with alcohol nearby, but perhaps that’s what makes it so great. The painful looking flip is what puts it over the top. I’ve got a few side-by-sides because despite being so poor (in a funny way), it’s actually a surprisingly pretty good parody.

GAP - Talk To The Moose

GAP - Talk To The Moose

GAP - Talk To The Moose

Talk To The Moose (Original)
Talk To The Moose (Parody)

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