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As undoubtably, everyone will blog in the next 24 hours… New has been launched. Looks great. Also has a wonderful end user focus. One thing I would do, is make a subdomain for corporate customers. Gear the same information, but corporate advantages (why Mozilla is good for an organization). How to deploy? Security? Updating? […]

Quick shoutout to standards

Just a real quick shoutout to standards.’s News System… currently in development, will support valid RSS feeds. That’s right. Valid. I implemented the feature last night. It’s working with relative success (still not complete, but valid). Still to be done is indexing, searching, mailing, and several dozen bugs. Not to mention the mentioned features […]


My friend Eddy drew some great caricature’s of a bunch of pals. During the PSAT’s. That shows how serious High School senors really are about those stupid tests. It was even more immature during the HSPA’s. Had these posted a few years ago, but were since removed. Anyway, there back, in all their glory. And […]

Calendar in Thunderbird

I’ve been an advocate of making Calendar an Extension for Thunderbird. I think Calendar extension is important in a Mail client, as most business users are accustomed to this (Microsoft Outlook). As a result, it makes sense for Mozilla to offer such functionality. Besides matching, it’s also quite convenient. What 2 Apps do most people […]

Way cool toys

I’ve got to admit, I’m still a little kid. Some really cool toys this year: Chicken Dance Elmo and Hokey Pokey Elmo. If only I had these when I was a little kid. 😆 Remember when kids toys were dangerous? I had toys with metal. GI Joe toys actually fired more than 6 inches (and […]

Digital IQ

MSNBC has a neato quiz. I encourage all to take and share their results (if they dare). I’m [sadly] a 181. 😆 I’m not sure if I should be proud of my geekyness, or upset about it. Oh well, cat’s out of the bag… So what’s your score?

Americas Army. Will I ever be a Special Forces Soldier?

I passed the test. Got an 80 something. Not great, but acceptable. Perhaps another time I will take it again. It’s what comes after it that I can’t manage. I can get to objective A with no trouble. But Objective B… 😆 Not by a long shot. After several attempts, I decided way to much […]

Server Slow

This server has been occasionally getting slow. Perhaps networking, perhaps load. If anyone finds it to be fast or slow, leave a comment. If it’s slow, a traceroute would be nice.

Americas Army 2.0

Americas Army 2.0 is out. Downloading now. 223MB patch. Will take long time. I’m excited. Waiting a long time already. Joy. Linux and Mac versions hopefully soon. For now XP Thinkpad.

Apple’s Life Cycle and Security

I don’t think I need to say I’m a Mac lover. I’ve been very satisfied with my Macs, and love OS X. But I got to agree with CNET about Apple’s recent trends. Product Life Cycle Apple’s been pretty firm about the 5 year rule for hardware. After that period, your not really getting hardware […]