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The Death Of Duke Nukem Forever

Way back in 2006 I blogged about all the things that took less time than Duke Nukem Forever. A running joke in the technology industry as a whole has been how long the mythical game has taken to develop. Wars have started and ended in less time than they spent on the game. Take World […]

Super Mario Gravity

The other day I mentioned there is a JS implementation of Super Mario brothers. I also mentioned that the physics feel about right compared to the real game. Apparently someone did some analysis on the series and correctly concluded that the gravity physics are totally not realistic (shocking). The real nuggets are that he can […]

JS Super Mario Brothers

Here’s Super Mario brothers rewritten in JavaScript. It’s remarkably well done, even the physics closely match that of the original game. The only thing I noticed was a slight lag in Firefox 3.0.5 which I suspect might be due to the speed of the events rather than the actual game. There have been several attempts […]

SimCity For iPhone

EA Mobile games released the classic SimCity for the iPhone. Having played SimCity Classic, 2000 and the Palm OS version, when I heard about this version, I knew it was going to be on my short list of wanted apps. Truth be told most of the games in the AppStore are worthless, so spending $9.99 […]

Where Are The Ugly People?

Steve Rubel has the goods on the opening of the Second Unofficial Apple Store in Second Life. Freaky how real it looks. A lot of detail is really there. It recreates the Apple Stores from First Life 😉 . I still question Second Life… Where are the ugly people? Where are the obese that dominate […]

Waiting for Duke Nukem Forever

Found here and mirrored below the break since things like this tend to disappear or move over time. This list is pretty good, haven’t verified all the facts, but they seem to be pretty accurate.

Americas Army. Will I ever be a Special Forces Soldier?

I passed the test. Got an 80 something. Not great, but acceptable. Perhaps another time I will take it again. It’s what comes after it that I can’t manage. I can get to objective A with no trouble. But Objective B… 😆 Not by a long shot. After several attempts, I decided way to much […]

Americas Army 2.0

Americas Army 2.0 is out. Downloading now. 223MB patch. Will take long time. I’m excited. Waiting a long time already. Joy. Linux and Mac versions hopefully soon. For now XP Thinkpad.

We are Trading

I’m now trading on BlogShares (see Site Information on the bottom left for more information). Currently at 15.44! That’s not to bad. Lets get the stock up. Buy Buy Buy 😉 And no insider trading!

Need some gaming

Games, games, games, games, games. Americas Army 1.9 is Gold. Was able to find a copy already posted. Got medic certification. Surprisingly identical to Red Cross certification (just shorter). Awesome update. Great work on behalf of the AA:O Team. Definitely worth the wait! My favorite game of all Time F/A-18 Hornet has been updated yet […]