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So it’s been about 10 days since I launched, and so far the response has been extremely positive. I made a few small changes to the system to improve the quality of “memorable” passwords, and I have now made the default length of passwords a minimum of 10, up from 8 (it’s actually is […]


I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of tinkering. Way back when, I wrote a script to help me generate cool random passwords. I thought people wouldn’t mind one that didn’t suck… so recently I got to work on that. The site is still in beta, and quite a few things aren’t quite done yet, […]

No pain no gain, lots of little stuff

I’ve coded quite a bit the past few days on an old project I’ve had sitting in the vault for some time. I really want to get this thing done soon. In the process I’ve gotten to write things that I’ve never really done before. Nothing quite as fun as a problem you’ve never approached […]

Project Aquarius Lives

It’s moving slowly, but “Project Aquarius” is moving again. I can’t reveal exactly what the nature of the project is, only that it’s a slow progressing project. Partially because of coding reasons, and partially because I start on it, and stop for a while. A quick time line: Sprint 2003 – Initial Idea March 2004 […]

Project Aquarius status update

A little behind schedule, but progress. In my project status spreadsheet: Green Light: 21 Yellow Light: 5 Red Light: 9 Total: 35 Green is done, yellow is in the works, red is stuff I haven’t touched. When this is all green, there’s still a few more things that will be added on, and a few […]

Some big changes

I think some big changes are coming to my web properties this summer… stay tuned. Details not worked out completely, but I think it will be a ton of work, but a great return. P.S.: Happy Easter.

Project Aquarius

Heavy coding taking place in a new project. Well it isn’t new, it’s actually a little short of being a year old, but I never actually did it. I just brainstormed and drafted. The other day, I stumbled upon my notes, and liked the idea enough to give it a shot. Could end up being […]

Server Outage

There was a rather serious server outage yesterday. Server has been up since this morning, but the backend wasn’t quite there, so I couldn’t post until now. Sorry. On a sidenote, the syndication feeds for category archives changed a few weeks ago. I know a few places including Mozilla Blog Updates haven’t updated their links […]

Server Slow

This server has been occasionally getting slow. Perhaps networking, perhaps load. If anyone finds it to be fast or slow, leave a comment. If it’s slow, a traceroute would be nice.

Digging through the server

In my efforts to rebuild, today I started sifting through the tons of files on the server. Boy was this a trip to the past few years. Also found a lot of personal stuff that I threw on the site in hidden directories. Including stuff I’m not sure if they were good times, or […]