Accettura Media Update

So it’s been about 10 days since I launched, and so far the response has been extremely positive. I made a few small changes to the system to improve the quality of “memorable” passwords, and I have now made the default length of passwords a minimum of 10, up from 8 (it’s actually is random between 10 and 14). A few slight UI fixes were also made.

Overall, very good first week. Thanks to those who gave feedback.

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I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of tinkering. Way back when, I wrote a script to help me generate cool random passwords. I thought people wouldn’t mind one that didn’t suck… so recently I got to work on that.

The site is still in beta, and quite a few things aren’t quite done yet, and some things are still being tested out. There will be advanced options to further customize password creation, as well as some API’s for those who want to quickly plug in automated password generation into their “Web 2.0” applications. Those will be coming in the near future.

So check it out, and let me know what you think. It’s designed to be simple and helpful. It’s not Google and it’s not Digg. Just trying to make online life a little simpler.

Accettura Media Hardware Programming

No pain no gain, lots of little stuff

I’ve coded quite a bit the past few days on an old project I’ve had sitting in the vault for some time. I really want to get this thing done soon. In the process I’ve gotten to write things that I’ve never really done before. Nothing quite as fun as a problem you’ve never approached before. Lots of code, little time… so much I want to get done, and I want it done yesterday ;-). I really want to push this thing into production quality soon (because that’s when things really become fun).

Oh yea… my foot hurts. Here’s a tip for anyone doing yard work this spring (well summer soon). When using a shovel, don’t settle for an old pair of sneakers, use boots. Stepping down on the top of the shovel to dig it into the somewhat hard ground today, I hit a large-ish rock, shifting the shovel, and causing my foot to hit it about the inner part of my foot, right under arch as well as slightly up the side, not bad, but no fun. Now I’ve got some minor swelling, and has me limping slightly around the house.

I’m starting to get that addict-like urge to do some upgrading around here… thinking about another stick of RAM for my Thinkpad (T43), to max it out, and a 1GB upgrade for my Mac Mini.

Accettura Media

Project Aquarius Lives

It’s moving slowly, but “Project Aquarius” is moving again. I can’t reveal exactly what the nature of the project is, only that it’s a slow progressing project. Partially because of coding reasons, and partially because I start on it, and stop for a while. A quick time line:

  • Sprint 2003 – Initial Idea
  • March 2004 – First line of Code
  • May 2004 – Stopped Coding for first half of summer.
  • July 2004 – Started Coding again
  • September 2004 – Stopped coding
  • Jan 2005 – Started Coding yet again

And no completion date set yet. Don’t even have one in mind. Considering the above time line, I’m not surprised if it’s a while from now, but we’ll see. As you can tell, other projects, school, and work interfered quite a bit.

I’m off to bed.

Accettura Media

Project Aquarius status update

A little behind schedule, but progress.

In my project status spreadsheet:

Green Light: 21
Yellow Light: 5
Red Light: 9
Total: 35

Green is done, yellow is in the works, red is stuff I haven’t touched.

When this is all green, there’s still a few more things that will be added on, and a few that will regress back to yellow as changes are made… but it’s still significant progress! This week I want to go all green light, and draft the next set of milestones to a beta launch. We shall see how that goes.

Details forthcoming. I can feel it.

Accettura Media

Some big changes

I think some big changes are coming to my web properties this summer… stay tuned.

Details not worked out completely, but I think it will be a ton of work, but a great return.

P.S.: Happy Easter.

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Project Aquarius

Heavy coding taking place in a new project. Well it isn’t new, it’s actually a little short of being a year old, but I never actually did it. I just brainstormed and drafted. The other day, I stumbled upon my notes, and liked the idea enough to give it a shot. Could end up being a giant waste of time (though I did learn a few neat tricks), but it could be worth while as well.

I’ve named this project Project Aquarius.

This is the dawning of the age of aquarius…

Historical note, Aquarius is best known as a boy whom is carried off by Zeus to Olympus to be a cupbearer (waiter) to the Gods.

And true to it’s namesake, Aquarius is designed to serve.

Yes, I know this is vague, but more later as the project evolves.

Accettura Media

Server Outage

There was a rather serious server outage yesterday. Server has been up since this morning, but the backend wasn’t quite there, so I couldn’t post until now.


On a sidenote, the syndication feeds for category archives changed a few weeks ago. I know a few places including Mozilla Blog Updates haven’t updated their links yet.

Sorry for the abrupt change.

On a plus side, things are looking good for, despite loosing a day of work due to a server outage.

Accettura Media

Server Slow

This server has been occasionally getting slow. Perhaps networking, perhaps load. If anyone finds it to be fast or slow, leave a comment. If it’s slow, a traceroute would be nice.

Accettura Media

Digging through the server

In my efforts to rebuild, today I started sifting through the tons of files on the server. Boy was this a trip to the past few years.

Also found a lot of personal stuff that I threw on the site in hidden directories. Including stuff I’m not sure if they were good times, or things I want to forget ;-). I also found my parody website “University of Bob”, mocking schools in general.

Tons of other stuff. I got to spend some time over the next several weeks cleaning up. Perhaps I will post what I find funny.

While on the topic, I’m going slower than I would like in reviving the site, but it is moving. The news system is starting to come together, so are the structural changes. Authentication has been almost completely upgraded for some time. It’s just a few things that I still need to enable.

To sleep, and get some more done tomorrow.