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Nokia N800

Several months ago I mentioned the Nokia N800. Recently a Mozilla based browser was released. This got me extra interested. Apparently flash support is improved, and you could run a better browser. Also can run Skype, and openSSH. What more could you want? Well there is a killer thing missing: offline support. It’s a WiFi […]

Nokia N800 Looks Interesting But Large

The Nokia N800 looks really cool, but I wonder if it’s size is a little to large to make it practical to carry around. The lack of good Flash support, and weak MPEG4 (my guess would be lack of an onboard decoder and using software to make up for it). The fact that it’s Linux […]


As undoubtably, everyone will blog in the next 24 hours… New has been launched. Looks great. Also has a wonderful end user focus. One thing I would do, is make a subdomain for corporate customers. Gear the same information, but corporate advantages (why Mozilla is good for an organization). How to deploy? Security? Updating? […]

We are Trading

I’m now trading on BlogShares (see Site Information on the bottom left for more information). Currently at 15.44! That’s not to bad. Lets get the stock up. Buy Buy Buy 😉 And no insider trading!