Americas Army. Will I ever be a Special Forces Soldier?

I passed the test. Got an 80 something. Not great, but acceptable. Perhaps another time I will take it again. It’s what comes after it that I can’t manage. I can get to objective A with no trouble. But Objective B… πŸ˜† Not by a long shot. After several attempts, I decided way to much time this weekend was devoted to gaming, rather than other stuff (like eating). So perhaps Tuesday (Veterans Day). Since I’m off, perhaps another try.

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Yeah. I had the same exact problem! Couldnt find that darn B objective. And when it seems like I get close, I get spotted (even thought i take cover and go ridiculously slow). Well…I got higher on my test. πŸ™‚

Did you guys ever make it through, did you find documentation that tells you how to do it? Got any suggestions, I am stuck too.

You think getting to Objective B is tough?? Wait ’till you try C.

If you figure that one out, let me know how you got past the guy on the bridge.

to get by the guy on the bridge go back to objective a and then go left and down in the ditch then folow it till u get past then go up further then find a way up

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