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Firebird Download Manager

If you haven’t downloaded a Firebird nightly, this is the one to get. The new download manager is stunning. It’s sleek, real professional, and really nifty. I like being able to clean out with the click of a button. UI is very responsive, and pause/resume seems to work on click, rather than on delay. Absolutely […]

Happy Thanksgiving

As I normally don’t work on Thanksgiving, let me say now HAPPY THANKSGIVING. For those non-Americans, Thanksgiving is when the US invades Turkey, and kills Turkeys that weight several pounds (babies if you will), and eat them. It’s a proud tradition. Some more progressive Americans feel it’s discrimination, so they eat meat from several ethnic […]

IBM Sales Stink

[rant] Just FYI, never expect anything you order from IBM to ship in a timely manner. Thursday morning aprox. 8:00 AM, I placed an order. 24 hours of Credit card processing, and it ships right? Well, it’s Monday, and they hope to ship today, or “at the latest” tomorrow. Then 3-5 day shipping. Thankfully I […]

Still Waiting

Still waiting for a new drive. Should arrive tomorrow, should be home to install it Wednesday Evening. Won’t have the IBM Adapter so I can get my data over for another few days though (perhaps Friday). So we shall see. Let the silence begin again… warning, it may be harmful to your hearing.

I’ll be doing Linux soon.. help me

In the ongoing laptop saga… Windows XP is trashed. No networking at all. So I need to backup. My best solution has been to move up the plans I had for a summer upgrade to a Thanksgiving upgrade (who says only your tummy gets full on the holiday?) Here’s the plan: Get a much faster […]

I blew up Windows

I seem to have blown up Windows… here’s my tale: Got a message this morning, that my USB Hub had a short or overload (no reason to believe that). All devices hooked to that hub, stopped responding (bad news). Later today, had several programs just crash on me. Typical of Windows. So I reboot. No […]

Why must my ass get kicked?

School is starting to kick my ass. I’ve got lots of studying this week, meaning much less outside work (read: anything visible online) will be done in the next few days. Unfortunately, MacVillage is coming along, and is becoming very standards compliant. I’m thrilled to be working with standards more than ever. So much so, […]

First Chewable Oral Contraceptive

All I can say is yikes. Checkout what the FDA Approved. I’m not sure what market they are targeting here? In any case, it’s a bit humorous, yet creepy. Is teen (and possibly earlier) sex really that out of hand creating a market for this? I’m really quite curious as to the actual market this […]

The journey to fix 219162

What has been a really annoying issue apparently has a better patch. Bug 21962 has been fixed. Thankfully. Hopefully this time, all these errors will go away. Not as often as before the first fix, but still happens sometimes.

Apple launches iPod site

It’s been noted that Apple launched an iPod site, around the web. Yes, it is an Apple Website: Uses Apple DNS Resolves to Apple IP Address (Powered by OS X) Apple tagline on bottom What more proof is needed? I’m going to venture a guess, and say it’s going to be part of a marketing […]