Quick shoutout to standards

Just a real quick shoutout to standards.’s News System… currently in development, will support valid RSS feeds. That’s right. Valid. I implemented the feature last night. It’s working with relative success (still not complete, but valid).

Still to be done is indexing, searching, mailing, and several dozen bugs. Not to mention the mentioned features to be done are going to be buggy at first.

Standards are a wonderful thing no?

Any suggestions on other feed formats other than RSS? Would something else be recommended in addition? I’ll most likely implement a JavaScript feed (just insert a javascript line to output headlines to a page). Other formats? Let me know, I’m open to making it a very standards compliant system. When I’m done it should be 100% valid CSS, HTML, RSS, anything else.

I’m a fan of standards (as you can tell). I think they make the net what it is. And will make the net what it’s capable of. Standards are what make the Internet special. Millions of computers, many different types. All connecting to the same data source. All interpreting the same data. Pretty cool no? Wasn’t to long ago 2 computers made by different companies couldn’t do anything together.

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