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Cars and Trucks outnumber drivers

Now if this isn’t sick. I don’t know what is. Despite this… The survey also found 8 percent of U.S. households don’t have cars. Wow.

Lego’s make it work

Lego’s definitely make everything more fun. This stuff makes the bible fun! I don’t think I’ve gotten a better chuckle in a long time. May I recommend ” The Covenant” (book of Genesis for those who can’t navigate the Bible). Just not if your unable to stomach lego”s circumcising themselves. 😀 Why didn’t they […]

National Air and Space

Interesting read here. Lots of cool stuff if you like the history channel. Cool planes, neat info. And that’s the website before the place opens. Must visit when open.

Knoppix Update

Finally got around to updating my Knoppix CD. What a neat little setup. One CD with a TON of software. Interesting note on the page: Closed because of “Software-Patents” In the next few days, the European Parliament will decide about the legalisation and adoption of so-called “software patents” in Europe, which are already used by […]

My own bug

I created a new about:buildconfig page. Something to mimic the about:plugins page. I then took my page and filed a bug. Only things I messed with were XHTML and CSS. It’s mighty neat filing a bug and the code to resolve it. First time for me. Now I need someone to review, and put in […]

Mozilla 1.5b Out

As Asa noted the other night, Mozilla 1.5b is coming real soon…. and now it’s out! Horray, download now. Enjoy the lizard. New since 1.5a is: Mozilla now includes a spellchecker for MailNews and Composer. Mozilla MailNews now supports the printing of the attachments list. The 0.9.x branch has landed and brought many improvements to […]

I’m Back

Weekend across the pond… but I’m back in the States (well, I was yesterday… but now I’m posting again)


Finally got Net::DNS to compile and install on XP with Active Perl 5.8. Yea for me. So I’m experimenting with DNSBL. Neat feature, seems to be working well. Still figuring out which lists are best (without slowing down mail to a halt). Still can’t get sa-learn working properly. But that’s for tomorrow. Less spam getting […]

Rendering Issues

Lovin’ anything browser/html related. David Hyatt has an interesting post on Browsers. A good read for any developer. A very good read. Interesting notes. When designing this site, I wanted to be very compatible. Good code, and I am. Works in all browsers I tested.

Star Wars Kid

Article about Star Wars Kid on CNN. Interesting read. BTW: No posts for a few days. BTW pt. 2: I know, brief posts lately, but will get better.