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Amazing LEGO Machine

Amazing LEGO Machine

Someone built an amazing LEGO machine here. This thing is like a giant Rube Goldberg machine made out of LEGO. As someone who has a life long love of Rube Goldberg machines and LEGO, this is awesome. This video goes on a while because it’s so big. It must have cost a fortune to do this.

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LEGO In Space

Lego In Space

I love when people send something they made themselves to the edge of space. LEGO guy holding Canadian flags is no exception. Very cool.

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Project 365 Week 31

A little behind getting this week up…


Lego’s make it work

Lego’s definitely make everything more fun.

This stuff makes the bible fun! I don’t think I’ve gotten a better chuckle in a long time. May I recommend ” The Covenant” (book of Genesis for those who can’t navigate the Bible). Just not if your unable to stomach lego”s circumcising themselves. 😀

Why didn’t they have this when I was a kid? Would have made learning the bible a lot more fun.