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Disruptive Innovations

Looks like Daniel Glazman is serious (as if we thought he wasn’t). Disruptive Innovations apparently has a website. Composer++ is listed, though the product page isn’t complete yet. Noticed this when my logs had a mention of it (look under press). Wishing Daniel the best of luck. This is great for him, as well as […]

Composer to continue full steam

Daniel Glazman apparently is starting a new company! MozillaZine has it covered. Composer was never powerful enough to meet my needs as a web developer. But perhaps they can take it to that level. Imagine a Composer product competing with Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver. All built on a Gecko Foundation…. And Daniel is all […]

Mozilla 1.5b Out

As Asa noted the other night, Mozilla 1.5b is coming real soon…. and now it’s out! Horray, download now. Enjoy the lizard. New since 1.5a is: Mozilla now includes a spellchecker for MailNews and Composer. Mozilla MailNews now supports the printing of the attachments list. The 0.9.x branch has landed and brought many improvements to […]