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Bayesian Spam Filter Poisoning With RSS

Overview Bayesian Filtering is a great method for fighting spam. Unlike rule based filtering which spammers can easily adapt to with simple modifications, Bayesian adapts with the spammers changes, making it much more difficult for them to defeat the filtering. As a result it’s used in server side mail filtering as well as client side […]

eBay and banks need to implement SPF and Domain Keys

eBay and banks really need implement SPF, Sender Policy Framework and DomainKeys. There I said it. I see quite a few Phishing attacks every day. And just about all of them aren’t caught by SpamAssassin. Technically they aren’t spam, so that does make sense. But what bothers me is that this is easy mitigate for […]

Is phishing the new spam?

I’m almost convinced now that the majority of stuff SpamAssassin misses isn’t really spam, but phishing messages. I think it’s time for SpamAssassin to start considering detecting it. Perhaps take a look at mscott’s good work for Mozilla Thunderbird. Odds are lots of that detection stuff, will also detect spam slipping through by other means.

Microsoft pushing Sender ID?

Ok, just when I was starting to think that Microsoft may be changing their ways and trying to act in good faith after them fixing their website the other day. Microsoft starts talking about pushing their sender ID stuff on us. Sender ID is Microsoft’s alternative to the other spam prevention techniques such as Yahoo’s […]

Spammer Spot Checking

It’s pretty well known at this time that a rather large sum of Spam comes through regular ISP’s. There is a rather large debate on how to get rid of them. Some ISP’s just ignore it. Some block port 25. But is there a better way? I’m going to propose the following: A random check […]

Bug 117532 RIP

Bug 117532. It’s been one long journey, but it’s finally over. And just in time, as 1.7b is extremely close. That was a lot for a UI pref, but at least the wording is good. It’s worth it for good wordage. Bug 235086 is also wrapping up tonight. So I wasn’t totally useless tonight. I […]

SpamAssassin and xbl blacklist

There’s a new blacklist in town. Patch for SpamAssassin bug 2889: =================================================================== RCS file: /cvsroot/spamassassin/spamassassin/rules/,v retrieving revision 1.38 diff -r1.38 148a149,153 > # XBL is the Spamhaus Block List: > header RCVD_IN_SBL eval:check_rbl_txt(‘xbl’, ‘’) > describe RCVD_IN_SBL Received via an exploit in Spamhaus Block List > tflags RCVD_IN_SBL net > Go Me! Simple […]

Using Spamassassin and Mozilla

I’ve seen this asked a few times here and there. So here it is.


Finally got Net::DNS to compile and install on XP with Active Perl 5.8. Yea for me. So I’m experimenting with DNSBL. Neat feature, seems to be working well. Still figuring out which lists are best (without slowing down mail to a halt). Still can’t get sa-learn working properly. But that’s for tomorrow. Less spam getting […]

SpamAssassin for Mac OS X

I will get around to packaging SpamAssassin for Mac OS X one of these days. I got stuck a while back with some other issues with it, but I think they have been smoothed out now. So expect to see something soon. Note I won’t specify a date, but somewhere between now, and (before) hell […]