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Gmail invites

I’ve got Gmail invites still. Priority goes to Mozilla community members. If I’ve seen your name around, you’ve got a higher chance. So post a comment here with your name and email address (no anti-spam garbage, or I’m skipping it, the blog will do some minor obscuring).

Even higher priority goes for those who join through my referal link, and complete an offer. 😉 Still trying to find out if it’s the real deal. Try AOL for 30 days (hey, they did give Mozilla Foundation $2 million). There several other easy little offers. Then cancel during the free trial to avoid having to pay for the service if you don’t like it. Use the same address to signup, so I know who you are.

So if you don’t have a Gmail address yet, this is an easy way to get it. Priority offer is as follows:

  • signups who complete an offer (use an ‘instant offer’ for even quicker gratification).
  • Mozilla community members.

Do both and increase your chances.

If I get more invites, I’ll just attack this list for a little bit, before making a new post with a new contest for gmail invites.

So go ahead and get busy.


Freeipods Pt 2: My Offer Completed

Well, I completed my offer, and according to, I’m just 5 friends away from having an iPod. So if you want a free iPod (and help me get one). I think you should read the next line:

So who wants to take a stab and help their buddy Rob out?

I first mentioned this last week.

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Freeipods Pt 1: Free iPod

It’s apparently legitimate according to

So want a free iPod (and use me as a referrer helping your humble reporter get one of his own?

Click Here

Then just signup. There are several offers that look easy to complete, such as signing up for a credit card, or trying AOL. Just signup and cancel in a few days. No bills, no mess, no fuss. If you like the product/service. Perhaps keep it. Signing up for AOL takes a few minutes and doesn’t even require a credit card. Signing up for a credit card is something people do daily for a free t-shirt, so nothing new there.

Then get 5 of your friends to signup for you…. and you’ve apparently earned a free iPod according to

Interesting eh?

This is part of a multi-part story: First Post | Next


RealNetworks files can play on an iPod

This is going to make some shockwaves this week. Apple shot them down not to long ago, now they are working on the iPod regardless.

Personally I hope Apple embraces it. I think it would remove a major barrier some potential iPod customers face. If Apple locked in a deal with Real, it could become the premier hardware provider for two popular music services. Customers of either provider will still want an iPod.

Together, they are stronger than separate against Microsoft.

Just like Mozilla is a lot stronger with Safari, and Opera working together, than separate.


iPod coming Tuesday

iPodThat’s right. There’s a new iPod coming most likely on Tuesday. And we know about it thanks to the boneheads at Newsweek screwing up and printing the story a little to early. Anyway there are some new things:

  • A ‘clickwheel’ combines the buttons and the wheel, to make the interface even more compact and streamlined. As you can see in the picture.
  • “more efficient menu’s”
  • “Multiple on-the-go playlists”, ability to delete songs from mixes.
  • Audiobooks can be listened to at normal, slower or 25% faster without ‘sounding like a munchkin’
  • 50% boost in battery life
  • Lower price: $399 for 40GB, $299 for 20 GB. No 15GB.

Score one for Apple. I’m sure Jobs is pleased with the results, he’s got another winner in line.


Apple is to damn sexy

Yes, I know, I’m a Mac nut. My favorite OS is Mac OS X, I dream of the G5 at night. The dual processor G5 is hot (in more ways than one)…

But Apple just made my day. The AirPort Express is just what I’ve been wanting.

I could see a few uses for me:

  1. Hook laptop to stereo
  2. Wireless access in the dorm
  3. Extend wireless network when @ home where it gets weak

The question is if I’ll upgrade my laptop to 802.11g (only if I can do it integrated via an IBM upgrade of the mini-pci card). That would make it super sexy. Perhaps that will be part II, since I’m not filthy rich.

And if I should get cables. Apple has that $39 kit which sounds pretty handy, though I might be able to do better.

Way to cool. Just way to cool. I’m thinking it fits me wants and needs perfectly.

Anyone know if there will be a way to pipe all audio (not just iTunes) over the Airport Express? Would be nice to do more than just music (games for example).

Now I guess it’s pretty much written in stone that a iWiFi enabled Pod is coming soon. I can’t see Apple missing out on that.


Interesting show

Interesting show. Not sure I like the iPod Mini’s to much. Seem to childish, yet still pricey. You can get so much more for an extra $50. If your spending that much already. I just can’t see how someone can justify not getting an iPod, and end up with an iPod Mini. Colors are a bit childish looking IMHO.

The Xserve G5 is to die for, though don’t expect this blog to be hosted on one, anytime soon. That price is also to die for (literally).

The Xgrid technology seems really great. I’m sure that will help push Xserve sales.

There will soon be over 10,000,000 Mac OS X Users… We will be in the pool, in the clubhouse, were taking over!


Mini iPod

As Slashdot notes, it’s a rumor.

I think it’s a great idea, might just pick one up myself. Not sure.

What I haven’t figured out yet, is why someone didn’t come up with an MP3 player that you can just plug in standard USB Keychain devices to. Think about it:

Most are aprox. the same size, all relatively small, and compact. Easily you could come up with a size that 99% will fit in.

Could make a nice iPod like device, screen, interface, etc. And leave a battery style bay in the back, that a user could snap open, and put their USB keychain drive into.

Would cut down on the cost of MP3 players significantly. And the USB storage market is pretty affordable. I got a 512MB Lexar Media stick for slightly under $100. And I’m sure it will go down over time.

You could have several keychains, and snap them into your MP3 player.

Then POP out the keychain, and you can use it as a regular USB drive. The best of both worlds. And cost effective. It would be upgradable, since you can get larger USB keychains. Or just multiple smaller ones. It fits all budgets.

Brilliance is always misunderstood.


Apple launches iPod site

It’s been noted that Apple launched an iPod site, around the web.

Yes, it is an Apple Website:

Uses Apple DNS
Resolves to Apple IP Address (Powered by OS X)
Apple tagline on bottom

What more proof is needed?

I’m going to venture a guess, and say it’s going to be part of a marketing push for the Christmas season. Here’s my basis:

Created right in time for the holidays.

Record last updated on:..2003-10-02 13:21:19.783
Record expires on:…….2004-10-02 00:00:00.0
Record created on:…….2003-10-02 13:21:19.163

Apple is planning a big marketing surge on iTunes in January, with promo’s left and right this means, get iPods in peoples hands NOW, and push content on them in a month or two.

I’m going to guess that we will start seeing new iPod commercials, that mention the website in a week or two.