Apple Hardware

Apple’s Early Announcement

So yesterday Apple announced the new 8-core Mac Pro and Xserve. Both beautiful machines anyone would love to own. What’s peculiar is the timing of the announcement. Only a week before MacWorld 2008. Right in the middle of CES. Why would Apple make a product announcement before it’s yearly big expo? During a period where tech news is in excess?

I predict some big announcements next week. Apple make these releases early for three reasons:

  1. So that there are 2 less things stealing the thunder from next weeks announcements.
  2. To show the industry that it can steal attention from something as big as CES at by merely sending out a press release for an upgraded product.
  3. Appetizer.

Interesting show

Interesting show. Not sure I like the iPod Mini’s to much. Seem to childish, yet still pricey. You can get so much more for an extra $50. If your spending that much already. I just can’t see how someone can justify not getting an iPod, and end up with an iPod Mini. Colors are a bit childish looking IMHO.

The Xserve G5 is to die for, though don’t expect this blog to be hosted on one, anytime soon. That price is also to die for (literally).

The Xgrid technology seems really great. I’m sure that will help push Xserve sales.

There will soon be over 10,000,000 Mac OS X Users… We will be in the pool, in the clubhouse, were taking over!