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Airport Express 2.0? iTunes Movies?

Oh there’s so much to talk about. Next week (on Tuesday of course) Apple is supposed to reveal some new products and/or services. Apple sent out a notice saying “It’s Show Time“… just smells like a movie service is coming. Apple just updated the iMac line, and just released the Mac Pro, so desktop hardware […]

Apple a Phone Service

Business Week’s Alex Salkever has an interesting article about Apple creating it’s own Skype like system. I’ve talked briefly about Skype before. I’m a huge fan. It’s a solid product. But Apple should take it to the next level. Allow me explain: Ideally, for anything to become a good communication standard, it must be a […]

Apple is to damn sexy

Yes, I know, I’m a Mac nut. My favorite OS is Mac OS X, I dream of the G5 at night. The dual processor G5 is hot (in more ways than one)… But Apple just made my day. The AirPort Express is just what I’ve been wanting. I could see a few uses for me: […]