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Freeipods Pt 13: Lucky 13… it shipped actually delivered. Today it happened. FedEx dropped off my free iPod. It’s a 20GB 4th Generation Apple iPod. I was just about to leave, so I took a few pics with my Camera Phone and left. I’m to busy to open and play for at least a few days. I’m pretty sure it’s not […]

Freeipods Pt 12: Shipped, and no more graffiti

I confirmed with FedEx that a package from Apple Computer Inc. to Robert Accettura has shipped. Unless Steve Jobs decided to send me a dog turd via FedEx, that might be an iPod. Also in the news, it appears the iPods are no longer graffiti covered with on the back. The part number for […]

Freeipods Pt 11: Laser Grafiti

The latest news is is now using the Apple Store as another/replacement provider of iPods. But there’s a change. It appears now all iPods are inscribed “”, you can see pictures someone posted here. While it may sound trivial, it does make it harder to get repairs (always seems to take longer on personalized […]

Freeipods Pt 10: “Backorder”

Well, I decided to do some freeipods research: eCost: Couldn’t give me a number. But when I asked about the 20GB Apple iPod was told there was ‘a lot’. No backorder. As of 12:30 PM EST. PCMall: 223 in stock (enough for at least week). As of 12:39 PM EST. eCost has been a known […]

Freeipods Pt 9: Unspamming

I’ve reported before that you will receive spam if you signup for freeipods (so use a free email account your willing to get spammed). I also reported Gratis is working to stop it (or so they claim). Well, it appears they are making some effort: Enter your email address there, and apparently in 10 […]

Freeipods Pt 8: Followup article

In continuing with yesterday: Wired News has an additional story. Interestingly: “We are suspending all marketing via email to our customers, and wanted to make sure you knew this was an important and sensitive issue for us,” Martin wrote in an e-mail. “Sending promotions to users is a fairly standard practice for many industries, as […]

Freeipods Pt 7: The wait continues

Found this article today about A few things to note: “The wait is 100 percent due to Apple’s manufacturing,” said Gratis co-founder Peter Martin. “Apple is on back order. The delay is three weeks plus. They sit in the queue and when it gets to the vendor, it goes out the door.” [Source: The […]

Freeipods Pt 6: Sent to vendor

Another Step: Now time will tell… This has been another report from the news network you trust: Me. This is part of a multi-part story: First Post | Next

Freeipods Pt 5: processing

Status Update Exerpt: Exerpt 2 (detail): So that’s where we are. More updates as they come on the news network you [really, somewhat] trust. This is part of a multi-part story: First Post | Next

Freeipods Pt 4: And the website now says I’m “approved”

And the website now reads: 24hrs after the last referral was complete. More updates as the take place, on the news network you prefer: Robert Accettura’s Fun With Wordage. This is part of a multi-part story: First Post | Next