Freeipods Pt 1: Free iPod

It’s apparently legitimate according to

So want a free iPod (and use me as a referrer helping your humble reporter get one of his own?

Click Here

Then just signup. There are several offers that look easy to complete, such as signing up for a credit card, or trying AOL. Just signup and cancel in a few days. No bills, no mess, no fuss. If you like the product/service. Perhaps keep it. Signing up for AOL takes a few minutes and doesn’t even require a credit card. Signing up for a credit card is something people do daily for a free t-shirt, so nothing new there.

Then get 5 of your friends to signup for you…. and you’ve apparently earned a free iPod according to

Interesting eh?

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if you haven’t already gotten your 5 friends, I’ll sign up for you if you’ll sign up for me!

I have an extensive writeup concerning this on my forum. Come by and check it out virtualmadden dot com on my forum. It seems people have moved on to freeflatscreens. If you don’t sign up, come and chat.

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