Mini iPod

As Slashdot notes, it’s a rumor.

I think it’s a great idea, might just pick one up myself. Not sure.

What I haven’t figured out yet, is why someone didn’t come up with an MP3 player that you can just plug in standard USB Keychain devices to. Think about it:

Most are aprox. the same size, all relatively small, and compact. Easily you could come up with a size that 99% will fit in.

Could make a nice iPod like device, screen, interface, etc. And leave a battery style bay in the back, that a user could snap open, and put their USB keychain drive into.

Would cut down on the cost of MP3 players significantly. And the USB storage market is pretty affordable. I got a 512MB Lexar Media stick for slightly under $100. And I’m sure it will go down over time.

You could have several keychains, and snap them into your MP3 player.

Then POP out the keychain, and you can use it as a regular USB drive. The best of both worlds. And cost effective. It would be upgradable, since you can get larger USB keychains. Or just multiple smaller ones. It fits all budgets.

Brilliance is always misunderstood.

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