iPod coming Tuesday

iPodThat’s right. There’s a new iPod coming most likely on Tuesday. And we know about it thanks to the boneheads at Newsweek screwing up and printing the story a little to early. Anyway there are some new things:

  • A ‘clickwheel’ combines the buttons and the wheel, to make the interface even more compact and streamlined. As you can see in the picture.
  • “more efficient menu’s”
  • “Multiple on-the-go playlists”, ability to delete songs from mixes.
  • Audiobooks can be listened to at normal, slower or 25% faster without ‘sounding like a munchkin’
  • 50% boost in battery life
  • Lower price: $399 for 40GB, $299 for 20 GB. No 15GB.

Score one for Apple. I’m sure Jobs is pleased with the results, he’s got another winner in line.

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Please Apple,
Make this new iPod ship to Australia first.

We are very unhappy that the iPod mini was available in USA for more than 6 months before taking orders international.

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