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“Sales are just like heroin”

JournalStar has an interesting article about pricing strategies and the psychology behind them. It’s always interesting to read about. We often view good buys not in terms of what they are, but relative to something else. If you can control what that “something else” is, you have a lot of control over consumers.

Mythbusters on RFID

I’ve mentioned several times on this blog that RFID isn’t a good idea for sensitive things like credit card information. Pretty much anything you wouldn’t openly make available to strangers. The latest piece of evidence is Adam Savage, of Discovery’s Mythbusters discussing how they were effectively outgunned by lawyers for credit card companies (with video […]

Apple should cobrand iTunes

Lets look at iTunes, and what it offers right now: MP3/ACC Player Media Organizer Media Player (it comes with QuickTime) Music Store It also comes in at aprox. 19MB’s, free from Apple’s iTunes website. I’ll call it “a rather robust application”. Sounds fair? Now here’s my theory: People like Music. People like simplicity. People like […]

IBM Sales Stink

[rant] Just FYI, never expect anything you order from IBM to ship in a timely manner. Thursday morning aprox. 8:00 AM, I placed an order. 24 hours of Credit card processing, and it ships right? Well, it’s Monday, and they hope to ship today, or “at the latest” tomorrow. Then 3-5 day shipping. Thankfully I […]