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Best laptop HD ever

It’s seems amazing. The Hitachi Travelstar 7K60 is an amazing hard drive. It’s blazing fast, and 7200 RPM (that’s the same as most desktops). Unlike the 4200 drives that ship in most laptops. It’s given me a giant improvement on my system. I really feel the difference. On boot, my computer used to hang for […]

I’ll be doing Linux soon.. help me

In the ongoing laptop saga… Windows XP is trashed. No networking at all. So I need to backup. My best solution has been to move up the plans I had for a summer upgrade to a Thanksgiving upgrade (who says only your tummy gets full on the holiday?) Here’s the plan: Get a much faster […]

I blew up Windows

I seem to have blown up Windows… here’s my tale: Got a message this morning, that my USB Hub had a short or overload (no reason to believe that). All devices hooked to that hub, stopped responding (bad news). Later today, had several programs just crash on me. Typical of Windows. So I reboot. No […]