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First Chewable Oral Contraceptive

All I can say is yikes. Checkout what the FDA Approved.

I’m not sure what market they are targeting here? In any case, it’s a bit humorous, yet creepy. Is teen (and possibly earlier) sex really that out of hand creating a market for this?

I’m really quite curious as to the actual market this product has been designed for? Is it for juveniles as it implies? Or is there another group? Will this promote unprotected teen sex? Could this be a good thing (less teens with kids), or a bad thing (AIDS, et. al.). I’m not so thrilled about what this may encourage, among a potentially very young age group.

I could think of several jokes about being unable to swallow, sex, and the need for the Pill (or lack of). But I won’t go there, for the sake of keeping this blog PG πŸ˜†

Just wait until fast food chains start giving sex toys in the children’s meals. πŸ˜‰

I’m curious about what others think… BUT watch those comments (should you choose to comment). I hate moderating, but will if necessary. Keep it clean and friendly.