Firebird Download Manager

If you haven’t downloaded a Firebird nightly, this is the one to get. The new download manager is stunning. It’s sleek, real professional, and really nifty. I like being able to clean out with the click of a button. UI is very responsive, and pause/resume seems to work on click, rather than on delay.

Absolutely amazing work by Ben Goodger.

My suggestion for improvement would be the following:

  • Option to limit size of download manager to X downloads. That way, download manager doesn’t get to big. Many like myself can get quite large. I’ve had thousands in mine. I’d like it to self clean itself. Limit to 100, a nice number. Some may want higher or lower. Ideally, it would allow you to select a predefined number, or “clear on exit” where it would clear it when you close Firebird.
    Self cleaning ovens are loved, so are self cleaning refrigerators. Mozilla is getting a Kitchen Sink (or so the joke goes). Why not a self cleaning Kitchen Sink?
  • Ability to Optimize display. It’s pretty, but not as much on screen as the old one. For those with smaller monitors, I think the ability to go to a more compact version (similar to the old version) would be nice. Same simplicity, just utilize the horizontal structure more. That way, your download manager doesn’t need to be a giant window to view all your downloads.

No bugs on these just yet. A tad short on time. Feel free if you like them to file a bug, just CC me on them, so I can track them.

Again, cheers to Ben on his great work, I love the design, I think with a few tweaks, it can prove to be the best download manager available. Previously, I thought Camino sported the best.

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  1. dany says:

    Es muy interesante la base firebird, reciƩn deseo aplicar en un sistema que estoy desarrollando con punto net, espero me sea de mucha ayuda.
    Gracias por el download

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