wml is a real pain in the nuts

WML can be a real pain in the nuts. I still can’t get forms going right. At least programming for the Palm OS, and other small screen HTML capable devices will be a piece of cake.

Thankfully the authentication system is a lot cleaner now. If it wasn’t this would be a disaster. I still know there is some code cleanup to do, but that can be done after MV 4.0 launches. Get rid of those bloated function, and have some clean code.

Ugh! WML is a pain in the nuts.

On the plus side, 4.0 will require authentication (must have a free account) to use it, and the T68i, as well as other “strict” devices will now function/function properly. Rather than mess up, or generate errors.


Cruelty to Animals vs. Discrimination… you decide

I found this just histerical. On vacation I found a pamphlet for horse back (is that a hyphenated word?) riding on the beach… sounds interesting right? Ok, most likely not. But here’s the funny part.

On the back it clearly notes that “Weight limit is 200 lbs”.

So what’s worse? Being cruel to an animal while some obease 12 year old girl rides a horse on a beach… Or discriminating against the 12 year old fat girl, becuase we all know it’s “genetic”, even though she plans on eating a jar of mayonaise while horse back riding… as a snack of course. She doesn’t eat to much between meals.

Also noteworthy is:

“This activity is not suitable for the physically or mentally impaired. In otherwords… if the horse can beat you in a round of jepordy… no ride for you.


GarbagePal Kids

Opie & Anthony still have their following. Great link here.

The boys will be back before you know it. I’m positive of it.

Sidenote: Stephen Lynch just finished up his tour. Hopefully he will do some stuff in NYC soon, so I can go see him after work or something.


Website Defacement Day

Slashdot has the story. Apparantly this might be a strange day. I’ll be keeping a close eye on just in case.

I’m really not in the mood for this.


Mozilla 1.4

Asa notes the release of Mozilla 1.4, and it’s ability to bring better tools to developers….

He’s right. It’s good news. Better programming on behalf of web developers means better websites for everyone.

Not to mention the tools are great. They make web development much easier. The first thing I do when there is a problem is reach for my Mozilla.


Americas Army for Mac

I posted this yesterday on Americas Army: Operations is coming to Mac! Yea! Finally, my favorite game, on my favorite platform. Joy!

I can’t express how gitty I am. My only wish is that it isn’t to processor intensive, so my fellow Mac friends can enjoy it with me.

Apple Software

Safari Madness

I’ve used it before, but today I gave Safari a real go. Despite the fact that some bugs exist, it does a pretty good job. My biggest complement goes to the UI. It’s clean, simple, and totally Apple. It shares the same DNA as Steve Jobs.

I also like the snapback and iSync functionality. Some nice little Apple features make web browsing pleasant. Rendering is pretty good, fast, clean, and pretty compatible.

Still though, I favor Camino. From the pages I tested (including my own) it loaded faster, and had the best rendering of the two browsers (both of which blow Internet Explorer away). The biggest incompatibilities I’ve noted are mainly with JavaScript not functioning properly (especially sites with large complex scripts) or some XHTML pages. All of which Camino and Mozilla do very well.

IMHO the winner is still Camino, and the entire Gecko line of browsers, although Safari gets an honorable mention. It’s UI features are clearly superior.

I don’t think many sites will cater to KHTML browsers though. I think it’s much more likely for them to test in Netscape or other Gecko browsers, than KHTML based browsers. As a result, Gecko based browsers will most likely always have an upper hand in compatibility, unless KHTML manages to really keep up, despite the never ending obstacles that lie in it’s way.

A side note: I’m need to check out OmniWeb (the WebCore version), and give that a go. I haven’t gotten to that yet.


PowerMac G5

Boy is it odd missing a week of such big news (though vacation is nice). Got to love the new G5. Serious power. Just an odd looking case. And lack of a 2nd drive bay is quite sad. Especially considering what power is behind it. IMHO I like the extendability the big G3/G4 towers provided.

Panther sounds yummy.

Safari being released means i will be busy at work.

Last post of the day (promise)… bed time now. 5:30 comes early. Even bots such as myself need some recharge time. To the bed cradle.


New Backend showing signs of promise behind the scenes is starting to show signs of promise again. The backend’s core is in place, and so is the general file architecture. Now comes the hard part:

  1. Porting the existing contents over to the new architecture
  2. Redesigning the site
  3. Finishing the authentication system upgrades
  4. Deployment
  5. The 10 billion other things I won’t bother mentioning, since they are all trivial, yet critical.

Boy do I have my work cut out for me the next few weeks.


Should I switch to Firebird/Thunderbird

Asa recently has been blogging a ton of opinions from others on Firebird, and Thunderbird. One particular post struck me. He suggests switching to Thunderbird.

I’m getting somewhat close, but I need a few things first:

  1. Stability/Reliability – it hasn’t even gone 0.1 yet!
  2. Spell Checker addon (if not built in).
  3. Minimize to tray (so I don’t have window clutter).
  4. Better notification (perhaps in the system tray for windows, dock for Mac).

So I’m leaning towards sticking with Mozilla 1.4 (hopefully released tomorrow). But not quite sure.