Firefox 0.8 Released


I believe enough is said.

I’m not particularly fond of the name change, though I guess it was necessary. After a stream of good press for “Firebird”, this will be a step back, but hopefully 2 steps forward for every 1 step back.

New logo is spiffy. Would be nice to see them link back to about:credits as seamonkey did. Lots of credit over the years to all who contributed.


To much recursion

After dealing with a teacher who has a sickening love for recursive:

Recursion Error




Quite some time ago, I started the Securita project, to implement a word filter, capable of providing adequate protection to those who wish to employ such technology.

Not much has happened in that project.

I believe, with Firebird approaching 1.0 sooner than people think (it’s not that far off), now is the time to seriously consider getting such an extension of the ground. There is demand for such a product, as I’ve gotten several emails in recent months regarding the status of the project. Just this evening, listening to the Computer Outlook Radio broadcast, (where several Mozilla Foundation Employees talked). 39:00 into the broadcast, there’s a mention of such a product, and the admission we don’t have one. Unfortunately, A good deal of the blame goes to me.

But I want to rectify that.

Unfortunately, I’m still not enough of a programmer to be laying out the source code. So I am making a request for someone to aid me in getting this project going full speed. Those interested, should contact me.


Camino Bookmarks

Interesting checkin for Camino. According to Pinkerton’s Post, it brings for some awesome features. In particular Rendezvous Integration makes my list. I’m real excited to see my favorite browser of all time making a stride forward. This is awesome “Top 10” bookmarks sounds interesting too (perhaps that could be ported to Firebird?)

Now where is Camino 1.0? I’m dying for it to get that far. It’s the best browser on the Mac. And in my opinion best browser on any platform.


Mozilla 1.5 Out / Website

Mozilla 1.5 is out! IMHO a great release. Rock solid. Firebird 0.7 is also out.

I’ve got to bring up a few things about what will be the new website soon. Why is this being done in XHTML? Why loose that portion of an audience, that is potentially going to switch? The easiest group to get switching is people with older browsers. These people are going to see a rather crummy page. XHTML is great, don’t get me wrong. But there is a time and a place. On a website that needs 100% compatibility to entice people to switch, having an XHTML isn’t a wise idea.

I must admit, I absolutely love the design. And I also must say, I wouldn’t mind having that Nice “M” logo as the icon for Mozilla. That’s a nice version of it. Very nice.

I’m not a fan of going to XHTML on this website. I’m of the belief that it will deter the easiest crowd to persuade to move. The older browser guys. Netscape 4 is still rather widely distributed in corporations. It’s not an extinct browser like some infer. It’s still on quite a few computers. They are the most likely candidates to switch. We should embrace them.

The only way I see it working is if there is a redirect for non-xhtml browsers to the old design. Perhaps prompt them to upgrade to see the new site.

Again, I absolutely love the design. One of the best page designs I’ve seen in a long time.


Firebird 0.7 is amazing, Palm Sync Again

First of all Firebird 0.7 is amazing. If you haven’t downloaded it already. Download NOW!. A great product. Much more polish since last release. Fine tuned, clean. More stable. Me likes. Thunderbird 0.3 is getting close as well.

Palm Sync is still in the works. Can’t get it working. Although there seems to be some drive behind getting it working. So perhaps next weekend, if I can get a few minutes of downtime, I shall try some more to get it working. It’s the missing feature before I switch to Thunderbird/Firebird as my Mail/Web product of choice.


Mozilla 1.5RC2 out

Mozilla 1.5RC2 is out. Download NOW!

Fixes that bug that’s really been bothering me. Hopefully I won’t see it again, and can verify that fix. I’m going to give it until Monday afternoon. If I don’t see anything, that means it’s most likely resolved, as I typically get it once a day.

Mozilla’s getting better and better. Firebird is improving too. 0.7 is coming soon I heard. Would be nice to see Firebird replace the app suite soon. Just hope that Thunderbird is ready for me. Especially Palm Sync.


Web Panels

Asa’s got some cool screenshots on webpanels for firebird posted

Can’t wait to get my hands on those.

Sidenote: Seem to be linking to Asa quite a bit. Good blog, and of course he’s great at informing the Mozilla community about what’s going on. Thanks Asa!


Mozilla Notes

Been a few days since my last Mozilla related post….

Some great info posted here regarding a neat little easter egg that’s been around for ages. Sure wondering what will be in upcoming Mozilla/Firebird releases.

Asa Dotzler wrote a bombshell on the OS X Browser Market. A real good read if there is anyone who hasn’t read it already.

Lastly my meta bug has gotten some traffic, but could use more!

Also, still looking for more web badges for Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird. Contribute!!!


Should I switch to Firebird/Thunderbird

Asa recently has been blogging a ton of opinions from others on Firebird, and Thunderbird. One particular post struck me. He suggests switching to Thunderbird.

I’m getting somewhat close, but I need a few things first:

  1. Stability/Reliability – it hasn’t even gone 0.1 yet!
  2. Spell Checker addon (if not built in).
  3. Minimize to tray (so I don’t have window clutter).
  4. Better notification (perhaps in the system tray for windows, dock for Mac).

So I’m leaning towards sticking with Mozilla 1.4 (hopefully released tomorrow). But not quite sure.