MailHID Almost Ready

Well, for weeks (read: months) I have been working in my spare time on MailHID, a PHP class for obscuring email addresses. Despite a few lingering bugs, mostly with CC, BCC support, auto-learn, and Spam Bot Checking, I am just about ready to go with it. I had a test implementation on this site before I started the blog.

I think by next week (or the week after), I should be at the point where I can start implementing it on, Accettura Media, and this blog. Will be nice to keep spammers at bay, and still have my email address posted. Reminds me of the mid 90’s.


Uncrustables, New Layout, and Mail Working Again

First let me get something off my chest. Is it possible that America has gotten so lazy that it can’t make a PB&J sandwich? Do we really need them pre-made? Smuckers obviously thinks so [Link]. Good for them to take advantage of a very lazy generation. But one can’t help to wonder how much weaker society can get. I am the first to admit to being lazy, but this is just insane.

I modified the layout a bit today. Notice the new icons to the right, and the pretty blue header. I promise I will eventually re-work the layout. But for now it will do. I should also note the cool quotes on the top. They should change daily. A nice database full of my favorite quotes.

Last note of the day is that my mail is working properly again. mail(at) was inaccessible for a while, presumably a DNS problem. Over the weekend, Interland moved the servers to their Atlanta data center. No warning, and technical problems don’t look promising to me.


Well, I’m finally blogging

I finally got around to starting a blog. A place to rant, flame, panic, annoy, pester, bother, and whatever else I want. I’m sure from time to time I will post something useful, but don’t count on it becoming a daily thing.

I know my spelling and grammar is honorific, so if you find an error, send an email to (in case you don’t realize, that’s going strait to the gutter).

I know the design is “out of the box” right now. Don’t worry, it will get customized as time goes on. It’s almost time for the Simpsons, so don’t think it will happen tonight, or this week. But it will eventually happen…. Perhaps. Not feeling great right now. So off to sit in front of the TV.