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Train Reck

Was in the train following this mess.

Linkage: WNBC WABC NY Times USA Today NY1 NJ Transit PR.

Lucky nobody was seriously injured. Shockingly, occasionally I am on that train. Just lucky today wasn’t the day.


Windows Crashes Macy*s

Macy's Error Message

This photo is legit (from my father’s digital camera) on Monday, July 07, 2003, 8:29:46 AM. I know it’s real because I saw it with my own two eyes.

Yep, that’s why I love my Mac. And that’s why my Thinkpad has 1GB of RAM.

In The News

Voting online to require Windows

/. is reporting that Windows is required to vote online during the next election.

This just in, a hacker has one the election. CrashOverride69 is now our new president.

Not suprisingly, I covered this days before.


Apple gets an A

MacNN today reported Apple gets good grades from PC Magazine . Horray.

IBM got a good grade to for the Thinkpad.


Americas Army 1.9 coming soon

I can’t wait for this to arrive. The new version sounds sweet. As posted on the Americas Army website:

Alright troops! Here’s the intelligence report you’ve been waiting for: info on the upcoming version. So gather ’round, take a knee, and listen up: here’s your SITREP. Bottom-line: this upcoming version has so many additional features that they had to jump an entire version number and call it v1.9. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at what we having coming down the pipe and I think you’ll agree that this new update is the Mother Of All Updates!

New Character Class: This new update introduces a new MOS: combat medic (91W). And true to U.S. Army form, with this new MOS comes the required training. Hooah! That’s right – this update comes with 4 different medical training courses, culminating in a field test where you put your newly-acquired medical skills to work! If you pass these training courses, you get to play the role of combat medic online and administer first aid to your troops in the field.

New Damage Model: Under this new model, each bullet carries with it maximum potential damage. When injured, only a portion of damage is initially inflicted, growing more severe over time (i.e. blood loss, decreased combat effectiveness, etc).

New Missions: Not only do you get the 4 single-player training missions above, but a new multiplayer map is introduced: Mountain Pass, Second Edition.

New Interface: The in-game interface has been totally overhauled, presenting not only a sleeker look, but offering more functionality. Expect to see new features added to this interface over time.

New Character Models: All characters have been replaced with higher resolution models and textures and new animations (including facial animations and lip syncing).

New Anti-cheating Measures: one word: Punkbuster! Effective v.1.9, all US Army Official servers will run Punkbuster Anti-Cheat software .

Other stuff: player shadows (low & high detail), a new theme song, and so much more! Trust me when I say this mega-update is gonna be well worth the wait! Keep your eyes out for v.1.9 coming later this month!

Sounds good to me!

Tech (General)

Voting in Windows

As if this isn’t just an invitation for hackers [Link]. Voting with Windows. Yikes. That’s like asking for a hacker to take advantage.



I seem to be spending more and more time in Bugzilla.


It’s to hot

Nuff said. It’s hot. I’m tired.

function what_to_do() {
     if ( !$blogging == "important"){
          print "Getting Some Sleep";

Well, the computer is always right. Time to sleep.


Daemon of the Abiss Update

Several Key developments today:

  • Site Status Page is now working. The first template with any form of logic. Sitting on staging, and performing exactly as planned (thanks to CMS system’s creator’s help).
  • WAP Authentication is now roughed in, and working. This opens up a whole new can of worms. I found several inefficiencies, and tons of bad coding in the system while working to put this in. It’s patched for now. But before MV Authentication 1.4 goes into full production use (like it isn’t in “production” use now), it’s going to need some reworking on login and logout.
  • Breakdown of work to be done (TONS OF IT). Should cruise when I’m off from work and hanging out home with family.
  • Lots of other little “tweaks” to the already templated pages, as well as file system layout.
  • New IDE is making life a lot easier. Coding has never been so easy. And to think there was a time when I used Simple Text. Then BBEdit Light, then PHP Edit (which I still like, but is way to buggy).
  • To go with the above, download (and backup) of entire website file system including CMS.

wml is a real pain in the nuts

WML can be a real pain in the nuts. I still can’t get forms going right. At least programming for the Palm OS, and other small screen HTML capable devices will be a piece of cake.

Thankfully the authentication system is a lot cleaner now. If it wasn’t this would be a disaster. I still know there is some code cleanup to do, but that can be done after MV 4.0 launches. Get rid of those bloated function, and have some clean code.

Ugh! WML is a pain in the nuts.

On the plus side, 4.0 will require authentication (must have a free account) to use it, and the T68i, as well as other “strict” devices will now function/function properly. Rather than mess up, or generate errors.