Cruelty to Animals vs. Discrimination… you decide

I found this just histerical. On vacation I found a pamphlet for horse back (is that a hyphenated word?) riding on the beach… sounds interesting right? Ok, most likely not. But here’s the funny part.

On the back it clearly notes that “Weight limit is 200 lbs”.

So what’s worse? Being cruel to an animal while some obease 12 year old girl rides a horse on a beach… Or discriminating against the 12 year old fat girl, becuase we all know it’s “genetic”, even though she plans on eating a jar of mayonaise while horse back riding… as a snack of course. She doesn’t eat to much between meals.

Also noteworthy is:

“This activity is not suitable for the physically or mentally impaired. In otherwords… if the horse can beat you in a round of jepordy… no ride for you.

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