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Snake Prank

This is slightly mean. This guy got a good scare from what looks like a rubber snake on a string.

Invisible Driver Prank

I love this prank. The execution was perfect, and the reactions are just awesome.

Washington Monument Prank

True story: For several years (2003-ish to 2009-ish) if you did a Google image search for “Washington Monument, one of the first search results you’d see came from me: Here’s the actual image: Needless to say it was slightly photoshopped and the fact that this showed up for so many years was quite amusing to […]

Carmelo Anthony Wax Statue At Madame Tussaud

Carmelo Anthony wins some points in my book for this little gag.

Project 365 Week 15

Another week, another round. This week felt weaker. Need to do better 🙂

Wolf Pr0n

Believe it or not, I used this in a college presentation. I’m a terrible person.

South America Is South Of North America

Tasked in high school to find a current news article about South America. This is what I came up with. I had too much time on my hands.

Beach Day!

My costume for “Beach Day” 2002 (Senior Year) School Decides “beach day” would be fun. Must follow school rules regarding dress code. Well, I printed these out and taped them to my school regulation clothing. Controversial, but fun. Archival post migrated from Gallery