Girl With A Funny Talent

Girl With A Funny Talent

One of the more recent internet sensations I just haven’t found the time to post. A follow-up video here. Even a Facebook page to request songs (according to the follow-up video). Credit where it’s due, she’s taken a silly talent to a viral sensation and managed to package it up into a YouTube account and successful Facebook page. Not bad for a kid.

Editors Note: This was surprisingly hard to screen grab in any way that demonstrated her “talent” and didn’t look so bad that even I wouldn’t feel right publishing it.

5 Year Old Needs A Job Before Getting Married

5 year old needs a job before getting married

Here is today’s cute/amusing video.

I have a small suspicion her mother or father planted the seed in her head. Also amusing is the follow up video where she professes her admiration for Seinfeld, the desire to write jokes, despite the fact that “nobody laughs at me” and the need “for someone to tweet me”.

I’d like to see the follow up in 15 years.

It’s done several hundred thousand views in the past 24hrs. I think it’s viral now.