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Flu Virus And Humidity

This is a pretty interesting article about the Flu virus and humidity: the researchers found the virus survived best at humidity below 50%, similar to the conditions found indoors in “a really heated building,” says Dr. Marr. “The virus is happy if the mucus droplet completely evaporates and leaves it floating around” in the air. […]

23 And 1/2 Hours

This is a pretty interesting presentation on the health benefits of being active. It doesn’t take much to get the benefits. Interestingly my non-city working friends have always looked down upon my 10 minute walk to and from the office like it’s a burden (when they drive right up to their office). Ends up that’s […]

Pacemaker Firewall

If you have a pacemaker or a defibrillator you may want to consider getting a firewall at some point in the future. They could potentially be “hacked“: But hackers could transmit the same radio signals — causing a defibrillator to shock or shut down, or divulge a patient’s medical information — without needing a programmer, […]

Not So Cool Whip

The cool guys over at Wired decided to dissect the ingredients of Cool Whip. The real fun facts are that it shares ingredients with hemorrhoid cream and sexual lubricants. Oh yea, the major ingredients are water and air. The real stuff just contains something that came from a cows nipple. How is that for a […]

Shaving linked to stroke risk

A BBC article points out a possible link between shaving, and having a stroke. I guess that’s just one more reason why Chuck Norris is invincible.


Not feeling good. Being Sick Sucks.

And how you you sleepy?

Good read. Damn interesting. I don’t know what to make of it. But pretty interesting.