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Yahoo gives way to identity fraud

Think about it: Marine was over 18 (legal independent adult in the US). Marine didn’t put in writing that he wanted his parents to have access. Considering this. Why can’t I have access? There is no report of the parents having a DNA test compared to the remains of the soldier to prove a blood […]

Rob Rants: Cell Phones

I’ve discussed this before, but with a recent new study it’s appropriate to rant. So I bring you another installation of “Rob Rants”. First of all, of course many conversations are faked. We all knew that for a long time. How did we know that? Because only a handful of people are actually important. The […]

Firefox annoyances?

Here’s an interesting article about Firefox annoyances. Some valid points that I agree with, but some that show a lack of research or understanding of the product. The concept of “language packs” that was so prevalent on the Mozilla 1.x and Netscape 6.x / 7.x days seems to have been dropped in favor of “one […]

Oh yea, were 2 already

It’s somewhat hard to believe, but this blog is already 2 years old. I started at the end of March in 2003. Before that this was a static (rarely updated) website. It honestly feels like it’s just been a matter of weeks ago that I uploaded the blog for the first time. And now 671 […]

Adobe Buys Macromedia

I didn’t expect to see that in the news this morning (hat tip glazou), but I did expect it to happen years ago. The two companies just seem complementary. As proof of that I’ve often heard people confuse the companies and their products. This is big news for the industry as a whole. I can […]

Firefox Counter Plugin for Word Press

Matt Mullenweg just emailed me that he incorporated my changes for the firefox counter plugin. You can now get Thunderbird stats with the following code: < ?php firefox_count(‘thunderbird’);  ?> Another toy is still in the works (waiting on something still). Hopefully you’ll see something soon.

Safari 1.3

As usual David Hyatt has the roundup on the changes for Safari 1.3. A must read blog post for all web developers. My big question is how long will Mac OS X 10.3 be supported and receive Safari Upgrades? IMHO that’s the big problem. Microsoft at least makes most of it’s upgrades for all OS’s, […]

We’re officially popular

You know your popular when… Spammers decide to use your name/reputation to spread a virus. No word on how will compensate. Hopefully we’ll see a “you will never receive an email with an attachment from us, only download from official mirrors” message. I guess this is the ultimate form of flattery… as annoying […]

Mike Connor Contracted

mconnor has a reason to r=+ now. He promises bugspam. I say “bring it on”. Hopefully this will really get things moving and get some code landing.

XUL Runner First Impressions

Downloaded XUL Runner (mentioned a while back) today to just check it out, and have a few notes. I’m not bashing anyone or the project. They are just things that I feel are incorrect, could be better, places for improvement. It’s not even at it’s first production release. Takes most products several releases to get […]