Google Internet

Google Maps – Now with Satellite

I have been a fan of Google Maps since day 1. It’s the best service out there so far. Now with Satellite mode it’s even better. But still, it doesn’t compare to the goodness that is Keyhole. I tried Keyhole a few months ago, and I didn’t go to sleep for the length of my 1 week trial. I was addicted. I saw the world. I’m still hoping Google will perhaps throw in some localized Adwords (shows relevant local ads based on where you are), and make a free version available. Keyhole’s animations and quality are amazing. Not to mention it does things other than North America.


Things are going to get busy

Just to give the heads up: finals are approaching, this means that my time is going to become more and more limited in the next few weeks. I highly recommend anyone who needs me for something start leaning a little bit now and make sure it’s on my radar… or you may be waiting on me.

This concludes this public service announcement.

In The News

Pope John Paul II Dies

Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II dies, the only Pope my life has even known.

I doubt we’ll ever see a Pope with as much charisma in our lifetime. I’ve always had a thing for innovators, and he clearly was in his own right. From being so multilingual (spoke at least 8 while Pope), to using the jet aircraft as a way to visit the world’s Catholics… he without question was an innovator in the Vatican.

Even leaving this world he leaves with a unique note of really being the 2nd International superstar to die since the dawn of the Internet. Princess Diana is really the only other person recognized and adored in a scale even remotely as close as John Paul II. Even in death he continues to do the unprecedented.

Funny In The News

April Fools

As is tradition, April 1 is a day where you don’t believe anything you see on the Internet. Here are some of my favorite pranks so far:

I’ll update this post if I spot some more good ones.