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Third Party iPhone Apps

Apple is said to be wrestling with the idea of allowing third party apps. In reality they are deciding if they should aid developers. I think it’s pretty clear there will be hacks to get third party software on there. The question is if Apple will bless the efforts or not. Come on Steve… release […]

Open Source Joost

You all know about Joost (formerly “The Venice Project”) by now right? You know it’s based on XULRunner right? Well it’s using a ton of open source stuff, and it displays it rather proudly. You can see it all by visiting their open source site. They use a lot of open source.

The Venice Project

I got an invite to the much-talked-about Venice Project a few weeks ago, and managed to take it for a spin a few times. GigaOm among others like Engadget and BusinessWeek have also mentioned it. A few noteworthy things: It’s running on Mozilla’s XULRunner! Confirmed by Allan Beaufour. Video quality is extremely good, and buffering […]

XULrunner vs. Dashboard

Daniel Glazman says: Forget Konfabulator, forget Dashboard, forget Tcl/Tk. XULrunner will kill them all. As usual, it’s not planned to kill them. It’ll be just a side effect of the existence of XULrunner. I agree, but with an exception. Konfabulator, and Dashboard have much better management of widgets than XULrunner appears to have (I’ve yet […]

XUL Runner First Impressions

Downloaded XUL Runner (mentioned a while back) today to just check it out, and have a few notes. I’m not bashing anyone or the project. They are just things that I feel are incorrect, could be better, places for improvement. It’s not even at it’s first production release. Takes most products several releases to get […]

XUL Runner

I wanted to comment on this the day I got back from vacation, but have been busy. Way to cool! I can’t wait to get a chance to play with this. I’m hoping a few things happen when this step is done: Simple IDE – And I really do mean simple. Start with Composer/NVU as […]