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Mmm… QuickTime 7

QuickTime 7 is out, Windows version “coming soon”. My Mac OS X Tiger package is in transit, so I won’t download the update for 10.3, I’ll just wait the week. Oh how great it looks. I can’t wait to play with all the new stuff. πŸ˜€


50 Million

As noted by Blake and Asa:


Got that? Well now it’s actually a little higher, and still growing.

Amazing. Just a year ago, nobody outside the tech community knew what Firefox or Mozilla were. Now yesterday someone recognized my Firefox TShirt. What a difference just a few months can make. Those 50 million downloads are starting to show as people are now starting to recognize the brand. We aren’t an iPod (yet), but were getting there. Just look at big Apple’s QuickTime (work with digital video, and you know it well) and it’s adoption rate. That is a good benchmark to compare against.

Checkout some of the stuff people have done over at SpreadFirefox leading up to 50 Million. Makes me think I need to get a poster. Those look pretty cool.

IMHO Benjamin Smedberg should make the list for wearing a Firefox polo shirt in some of the first pics holding his new daughter (congrats BTW). There’s dedication for spreading firefox.

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Mac OS X Tiger

Just ordered Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. I wanted to do it over a week ago but have been too busy.

Pinkerton has a great post that will likely be a Mac OS X 10.4.1 update. If your a Mac fan and not reading his and Hyatt’s blog… you should start.

On another note Camino update is out.

Did I ever mention that I love my Mac?

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Kevin Smith and Open Source

Fellow Jersey Guy Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob has a WordPress powered blog and a distinct SpreadFirefox “Get Firefox” badge on the lower right.

Apparently Silent Bob, isn’t so silent when you look at his site. One of my favorites just got a bit cooler in my book. Silent Bob rules.

[Hat tip, Matthew Mullenweg]


AIM 6 Beta Out

New AIM Beta (AIM 6.0) Out

AIM’s Triton Beta is out. Took it for a spin today. Some observations:

  • Much slower. Using AOL’s silly network utilities apparently. Totally unnecessary. Skype works behind any firewall I’ve ever seen with no problems, and uses much less CPU/RAM to connect. I don’t know how AOL’s going to validate all that bloat.
  • UI is rather sluggish. And I’m on a 1.8 GHz Pentium IV Mobile with 1 GB RAM and an ATI Radion 7200 Graphics card. Skype is faster.
  • It’s bloated. The whole point of a plugin architecture is to be thin and let users customize. A whole bunch of things in 5.x aren’t even implemented in the new version yet, and it’s bloated. I can’t imagine how bloated it will be when done.
  • No Mac or Linux build. Guess that means they are still considered 2nd class. Edit: A good source says this doesn’t indicate Mac or Linux builds aren’t in the works.
  • Can we say silly UI design? Tabs are awkward, lots of UI candy which does nothing but waste CPU, rather large thanks to the graphics. Takes up to much screen space.
  • Built on IE. There’s a great idea. Take a product riddled with security wholes, and build a product on it. Now whenever IE has a vulnerability, you can assume AIM is just as vulnerable. That’s wonderful. Edit: A good source says it’s not to integrated into IE is replaceable. Also has strict sanitation, so security flaws should not get through, and in theory sanitation could be adjusted to compensate.

When will AOL listen to the customers. Here’s what I should be saying (but I’m not):

  • Thin easy to extend client. Uses minimal ram, and is extremely fast, even on my slow system.
  • Mac and Linux builds available and of similar quality. AIM is finally becoming an adequate cross platform messaging system.
  • UI is minimal, fast and doesn’t invade the users system. It’s functional and easy to navigate and work. There’s not one thing on the screen that isn’t useful.

See the difference?

I wish someone would actually look at AIM’s shortcomings and address them. That’s beside the whole not working with other IM platforms issue.

For now it’s even uninstalled. Has no place on my HD. Sorry AOL, back to the drawing board. If that’s the future of AIM, I’m looking at GAIM and Skype or even Yahoo. MSN is all around weak, but at least it’s somewhat lean and fast. AIM 6 is a backwards step. Sorry.

It’s new UI is based in part on Mozilla’s legacy thanks to Boxely. Though it appears AOL abused the functionality by putting way to much eye candy in there. And that’s a big mistake. Functionality is key in an application. Not showing off your photoshop skills.

Edit: 4/29/05 added more info from a good source.


It looks like someone is back in the game

It looks like someone has been busy. Mike Homer and Marc Andreessen have been busy.

Macintosh and Firefox versions are under development and will be available soon.

Looks like they still remember their roots.

It’s an interesting concept. I look forward to checking it out in more detail.

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The Wall of Shame

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger has a really cool new screensaver (video available through the link).

I think having the new reporter tool’s “Top 10 Worst Offenders” list as a screensaver to make an official “wall of shame” would be rather cool. I think that will be my new screensaver when it ships.

Around The Web


Noah Grey still amazes me with his photography (obligatory monkey pic). Everytime I for whatever reason run across the site, I am stuck going through his great work. There are billions of photo’s on the web. But only a handful of that quality.

In The News

Who hacked Paris Hilton’s Sidekick?

A few months ago Paris Hilton‘s Sidekick got “Hacked’. Well not exactly. According to the hack itself it was obtained through social engineering. Other reports are that her sweet Tinkerbell was the key to her account (you can argue if that really is social engineering).

Now she’s apparently in a feud with Nicole Richie. One must ask if they are related. Typically when there’s a high profile hack like this, they find out the guilty party rather quickly. If for no other reason than to make an example out of them. It seems strange that nothing advanced and nothing else was said about this. I’d bet that if the password reminder story were true the case would be solved. Their system would definately log anyone who attempts to retrieve a password. So it would be a matter of following that trail of anonymous proxies. Something the feds have done many times before.

Of course it’s all speculation… but it’s sure interesting. I’d be willing to bet they know who did it by now. The question is why it wasn’t made public.

Anyway. The Simple Life without the both of them just won’t do well. Sorry Paris, but you won’t do to well on your own.


Mozilla CVS Statistics

Ran some statistics on my CVS tree after a basic pull to build Firefox. There are several things to note:

  • gerv cheats (relicensing). πŸ˜‰
  • we didn’t pull /mail, so mscott and bienvenu are underestimated
  • several people commit many patches for non-CVS people, so not all code is owned by the committer.
  • removing whitespace counts as a line, so does reformatting. So that inflates counts
  • copying code counts as new code. So forks, etc. inflate count.
  • removes aren’t counted accurately
  • this is just for fun, it’s not scientific. Don’t use this for anything important.