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I’m not alone

Survey on most hated technology is out. And I’m not alone.

I’m a geek, I carry a PDA almost everywhere. I have a home fileserver, laptop with WiFi hard drives and 1GB RAM, I like Linux, I enjoy geek toys.

But I hate cell phones. Annoying, distracting, bulky, silly.

I hate them in the train, in the mall, in the movies, in class. I hate when people use the Walkie-Talkie Phones in silent places. I hate hearing someone’s dirty conversation on the trainride home. I don’t want to know what your imagining doing to the body of your signifigant other. It’s sickening.

I hate phones ringing in restaurants, places of worship, funerals/funeral homes.

I hate being in touch 24×7. I like being able to say “Oh, I missed you? I was out for a while today”.

And those idiots who don’t look before changing lanes because they have a cell phone to their ear.

Or those older people who SCREAM over their cell phone, as if your voice needs to travel to the person over the air.

To hell with cell phones. To hell with annoying Cell phone users.

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I hear you!

I have been complaining about this for years.

I get so annoyed when someone calls me and than asks me on my voice mail why I did not answer. This is the reason my cell phone gets left in the car when I am shopping, at work, and even when I am home. Sometimes I just turn the damn thing off!

So, if you are trying to call me and donít get an answer, it means I donít want to talk on my phone at this time! Please leave a message and I will return your call when I feel like talking on my cell phone.

And than if you think you can talk on your phone and drive, face it, YOU CANT!! I am sorry, its just not possible. I have almost been hit too many times from you in that little red Honda Civic chatting with your boyfriend.

“Shut Up, and DRIVE!”

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