0.5 Billion Served

As mentioned elsewhere, 500+ Million downloads have been reached! That’s one hell of a milestone. I love the idea of plugging a good cause with the celebration. I heard of FeedRice, but didn’t try it until tonight. I might need to try and make a habit of playing that at least once a week. Seems like a good cause and improving vocabulary isn’t such a bad idea. 500 Million grains of rice is an achievable goal.

Also be sure to digg it to spread the word.

What better way to celebrate a monumental goal than to help your fellow man?


Operation Firefox: Mission Successful

Awesome work by everyone on Operation Firefox. Both organizers and of course participants. It appears the winner, Agent R.W. from Georgia Tech University was taken at Bobby Dodd Stadium. The scoreboard says “GA Tech” vs “UNC”. Looking at the statistics I see this entry which I presume is the event in discussion:

*Nov 17, 2007 NORTH CAROLINA W 27-25 45490

That’s 45,490 in attendance. One of the photos suggests it was done pre-game. Anyone know how long it was up for? Was it up during the game? Well done agent. You clearly have no fear of heights.

In The News Mozilla

Spreading Firefox on Campus

Here is a little story from Appalachian State University about someone promoting Firefox. This guy seems pretty serious about his effort. And he’s a Freshman, so he’s still got time.


Firefox On TV

Even during the NY Times ad I would have never imagined a TV ad campaign running for an open source web browser. Yet somehow it managed to happen. It’s To bad the campaign so far is limited to only Boston/San Francisco. Hopefully New York and other cities in the US (and perhaps even abroad) will eventually be included. Despite that it is still very cool. Congrats to everyone who made that happen.


Here We Go Again

If you haven’t been following, you should start. Looks like SpreadFirefox is trying to outdo itself.


A Few Ways To Celebrate Firefox 2.0

Just a quick little list for anyone interested. Feel free to add to it by leaving a comment below:

  1. Blog about it – Mention the release on your blog. Even if you don’t have much traffic, the sheer volume of Firefox related posts will make it clear it’s a big topic. Services like Technorati make note of popular topics.
  2. Join SpreadFirefox – Visit and sign up. The site itself has some buttons, and other information for helping to promote Firefox.
  3. Push for it – If you work in a company, or attend a school that doesn’t include or allow Firefox on workstations, bring it up with IT. It’s the perfect time to do so. With the release happening, and tech news sources picking it up, it could be the thing to give it an extra boost.
  4. Party like it’s Oct 24, 2006 – If you have the time (that’s a big if sometimes), visit and find a party near you. Extra points if you find one in a place with free bandwidth so everyone can update together!
  5. Firefox Gear – if you have Firefox gear around, and work in a place where it doesn’t violate the dress code… do I need to say any more?
  6. Get friends to update – Email/IM/Visit your friends and get them updated to Firefox 2.0. It’s small enough to save the installer to a USB Key drive to speed things up even more. Or just send them to
  7. Digg/ it – Visit your favorite site and support news of the release. Don’t get spammy (nobody wants 500 duplicates of the same story), and wait until it’s officially released but make sure to support it.
  8. Keep an eye open for more good stuff – Keep an eye on as well as digg/slashdot and planet mozilla. There’s bound to be more ideas and events happening as the launch happens.

2.0, here we come.

Edit [2006-10-22T03:03:05+00:00]: Clarified to wait until actual release before digging/slashdotting the servers.


Firefox Flicks Interview

CNet has an interesting interview with Asa and Pete Macomber discussing the recent Firefox Flicks Contest.

Internet Mozilla Politics

Save the Internet

Save The Internet

I’ve spent quite a bit of time encouraging browser choice and platform choice by strongly advocating and encouraging compatibility.

It’s sad but it’s now time to do advocate the right to choose what websites and/or services you want to use. If you enjoy using:

Search engine of your choice
VoIP provider of your choice
Music/Video provider of your choice
News provider of your choice

Boy that’s a lot of links, yet just a handful of the many available… you get the idea. You care.

I don’t even want to think of the impact on open source and innovation if every website has to pay for decent performance (imagine degraded downloads of linux iso’s simply because the distro isn’t paying your specific ISP).

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in enjoying the freedom of choice the Internet provides.


Firefox Bus

Some pictures of a Firefox Bus. Pretty cool.

Funny Mozilla

Fantastic Firefox Flicks

Ok, this is by far my favorite thus far. I’ve now played it several times, and can’t stop laughing.