AIM Outage

Seems like AIM had a network outage for 15-20 minutes tonight. Seems to be total, everyone was kicked out. Did anyone even hear ‘last call’?


The List

♪♫ I’m making a list ♪♫
♪♫ I’m checking it twice ♪♫
♪♫ I’m gonna find out ♪♫
♪♫ Who’s naughty or nice ♪♫


I told you so

Well, it’s not much of a secret that I’m an Apple Zealot. I admit it right away. Apple’s hardware and software far exceed that of any other company in the industry, no exceptions. A bit more recently this is starting to become a more common mindset. Hixie recently admitted how Mac users seem to always solve the problems (scroll down to Wednesday). Now Paul Graham posted an great bit on how the Mac is making it’s way into every Geek’s heart.

I guess I was just way ahead of my time. I still love my Macs. and I’m aching to get a Wireless card for my Mac Mini so I can get that sucker online.

Mac Users seem to so rarely have problems. Computers run fast, stable, UNIX based OS, quality hardware. I can’t remember the last time a Mac friend told me about their hardware problems. My PC friends tell me about it all the time. I have about the same number of friends on each side of the platform fence. Nor can I remember ever needing to reinstall the OS because of problems. My PC friends (and my PC) have that done all the time. Mac’s just work. They are easier to use, and do the job better.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, the Tiger theme on this blog is in honor of Mac OS X 10.4 coming soon.

In The News

8.2 Earthquake hits Sumatra (Indonesia)

Just coming down the wire. I’ll update this post as information becomes available.

MSNBC was first, followed by FoxNews

According to CNN (no article, just breaking news blurb):

U.S. agency urges evacuations along coasts of countries on Indian Ocean due to tsunami fears after 8.2 earthquake. Details soon.


Minimo for PSP?

After seeing on Slashdot that you can browse the web using the PSP (and it doen’t look to bad), I do wonder if Minimo can be ported to work on the PSP. With Small Screen Rendering (SSR), it might actually be a pretty cool device for casual web browsing. It already has WiFi. I’m betting this is the first of many hacks we’ll see for Sony’s new mobile platform.

Get a Free PSP (need 5 people) and help me in the process. I already got a Mac Mini and an iPod. Also looking for some help on an iPod Shuffle (need 3 people). Free gear is good.


Calendar Math

Just looked at my calendar. In 5 weeks finals are upon me. That means in 6 weeks. Summer is here!

Oh yea, Happy Easter.


Time to pre order Tiger

Title says it all. I think it’s about time to start pre-ordering Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. $94.99 isn’t a bad price. If your a student, you might be able to get the Apple Discount to get down to $69.99 (though likely a few bucks extra shipping). I’m guessing Apple will start taking orders relatively soon as the expected announcement is April 1. Good to see Apple isn’t raising prices. I’m guessing computers built after April 1 will get Tiger from the factory.

Hopefully the Apple Store will have a WiFi Upgrade kit for my mini by then.


Mac Mini Wireless Upgrade

Just got off the phone with the Menlo Park Apple Store regarding getting my Mac Mini a Wireless Upgrade.

The card should come in soon (will call me when it’s in). They told me last week it should have been in sometime this week, so I assume that means it should be in relatively soon. Should be priced around the same as the Apple Store ($99). Installation may be $30, depending on the date of purchase. Not bad. I’m guessing since it’s such a new product, there won’t be an installation charge. But it should cost less than $130 to get WiFi. A little more than a 3rd party adapter would, but this way I don’t have extra adapters on my already somewhat crowded desk.

Haven’t seen any reports of people getting their mini upgraded yet, so I assume the kits just haven’t shipped yet. Hopefully in a week or so I’ll get the call that they have some (and hopefully they will still have some when I get there).


Lets get this in the media

Anyone reading over at DSL reports knows about Pluto D Nicosa. Not only is it pathetic that the general media has been avoiding this, but it’s creepy how this has continued for so long.

Perhaps it’s time for bloggers to unite and make some buzz, so this gets in the news? I think so too. So if your reading this, and have a blog, link up to DSL reports, and send me a trackback. Lets create something the media, and law enforcement can’t continue to ignore.

Apple Mozilla

mozPod Status Update (0.1)

I’ve gotten several emails about this now, so it’s time for an update. I’ve been busy with many other projects, and have been slow on this for a little while. It’s almost at 0.1 (our first release). Asa’s working on some icon love, and I’ve been testing a few things. I’m hoping to have a release out soon (few more weeks). Some general notes in no particular order or relevance (make what you will of it):

  • Supporting just about every field we can possibly support on the iPod
  • Sync speed isn’t bad.
  • 0.1 may be Windows only (recommended). It will install and [attempt] on the Mac, but I haven’t tested the code. So if someone is willing to give feedback, I’d welcome it.
  • International support may be an issue. Not only aren’t we localizing yet (we will, volunteers will be called upon in a future release), but I’m not sure all character sets work just right. Will need people to check on that.
  • Linux isn’t a supported iPod platform, but if someone is willing to answer some questions, leave me a comment with a real email address (never displayed online), and I’ll ask you what I need to know to add support.
  • All iPods with Address Book capabilities will be supported. See Apple’s website if you are unsure if your model does. As I recall 1st generation iPods don’t support it.
  • I do plan on supporting Calendar once the Lightning project stabilizes a bit and materializes. I don’t think it’s worth aiming at a moving target (at least at that rate of speed). Once releases are made and we start thinking about end users actually using it (rather than dreaming), that’s when I will get on that.

0.1 will be a rather rough release, just to get an idea of what we can do, and how it can be done. It’s far from a release quality product, and only recommended for those willing to give detailed feedback for fixing bugs.

Update [12-26-2005]: It’s out, and available here.