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Firefox TV Ad Campaign

This show some real promise (hat tip Gerv). Eric Edwards designed a great Firefox Ad. I personally think it’s exceptionally good. Perhaps the next SpreadFirefox campaign for 1.1 should be a TV ad? Run a 30 second spot during a decent timeframe. Just the publicity of the organization is significant press for Firefox, and will […]

Paul Graham on College

Paul Graham, whose writing I greatly admire wrote an excellent bit on College recently. Being a college student myself, I found this to be by far the most interesting thing he’s ever written (and there’s quite a bit of competition there). A few things he wrote stick out in my mind: The way to be […]

Posting from a Mac mini

This is the first post from my mac mini! Sweet…

I shall call him mini-me

That’s right folks, the Mac Mini has landed at my house! Part of Geek Christmas (got a Firefox shirt too). In all it’s sexy glory. Plugged in the mini real quick to take it for a test drive. Rather zippy for such a small package. I need to get a display for my desk now […]

Firefox Planet?

Apple is taking RSS feeds to the next level by allowing you to display them in a more meaningful way. In Apple’s brilliance, they realized that sometimes users need more than just a title to decide if they want to read the article. So I propose that Firefox take RSS feeds to another level: I […]

Spammer Spot Checking

It’s pretty well known at this time that a rather large sum of Spam comes through regular ISP’s. There is a rather large debate on how to get rid of them. Some ISP’s just ignore it. Some block port 25. But is there a better way? I’m going to propose the following: A random check […]

In memoriam, Jef Raskin

I noticed this on Google this evening. He definitely had an impact on my life, and we never even met. If it wasn’t for the Macintosh, I doubt I’d ever have gotten into computing, never which means looked at IT as a career, and never gotten into hacking Mozilla, and perhaps not even web development. […]

Zen of CSS Design

Zen of CSS Design is out. I think I’ve got to pickup a copy of that book. For now just added to the wishlist. Looks rather good. David Shea is rather brilliant. I’m curious if anyone has seen it yet (and what they think of it).

Firefox in the top 100 moments

According to Yahoo at least. #97. A recent position, but a rather notable position. More and more proof that we’re changing the web!

Comcast and Standards

Comcast recently updated their customer portal. Apparently with some standards in mind.